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Victoria is about the problems, that Victoria Sanchez has to face 

Vic is a 16 year old teenager, who is dating Miles, but the thing is the both never touched. She doesn’t even have feelings for Miles anymore, she likes a guy called Logan. Vic’s best friend Is is secretly sleeping with Miles (Vic knows about it). Logan has a crush on Vic as well, but Vic don’t want to be the next one, because he slept with every girl on the school, even BFF Is. But even with Ashley & Leigh, as well friends of Vic. Logan’s best friends and band are the boys Cole, Joel, Olly and Ted. Logan tries everything to tell Vic, that she’s different, but she does not listen to him.

Season 1 Main Cast

India Eisley as Victoria Sanchez

Niall Horan as Logan Ward

Kacey Rohl as Is Perez

Allie DeBerry as Ashley Brooks

Other Cast

Michelle Trachtenberg as Max Maynard

Zoey Deutch as Blair Anne Williams (former mean girl)

TBA as Rose Sanchez


  • Max' full name is Delmaxia
  • The Show takes place in Malibu
  • David "Dave" was born on July 4, 1993
  • Blair and Dave were dating for at least over a year. In fact they were engaged.