Valerie Beach High School
Valerie Beach High School2

The Valerie Beach High School is the High School and it's owend by The Valerie Family, who own the entire village

Known Students

Student Grade Graduated Next School Story
Ciara Ryan Sophomore/10th Big Family
Dev Moore Freshman/9th Big Family
Emily Julian Senior/12th Juilliard Big Family
Grace Moore Sophomore/10th Big Family
Jacob Moore Freshman/9th Big Family
Kayla Martin Sophomore/10th Big Family
Kylie Moore Senior/12th Düsseldorf Kunstakademie Big Family
Lou Horan Sophomore/10th Big Family
Mack Moore Senior/12th New York University Big Family
Maddie Tomlinson Freshman/9th Big Family
Parker Moore Senior/12th Royal Holloway, University Of London Big Family
Peeta Devon Sophomore/10th Big Family
Rachel Moore Senior/12th Juilliard Big Family
Ryder Moore Sophomore/10th Big Family
Selena Moore Freshman/9th Big Family
Sydney Moore Sophomore/10th Big Family
Cara Devon Freshman/9th Big Family
Mike Samston Sophomore/10th Camp Life


Known Staff

Name Job
Danny William Glee Club Director 


Glee Club: Our Direction


  • This is the school from The Fosters