Aaron and Moon are unpacking boxes

Aaron: When are you starting your internship?
Moon: Monday. I am so excited
Aaron: LA Records Studios, I can't believe it
Moon: Do you think I can?!
Aaron: Wait! Are you in the record studio or filming Studio?
Moon: Both. I'm going to be the Assistent of Remember Holt. She is a singer and an actress
Aaron: I can't believe you're goint to meet Remember Holt
Moon: Do you think I can?
Aaron: So you're going to work on the set of "Crazy 4 U"
Moon: Yes
Aaron: I'm so jealous right now
Moon: Aww... But you can't change it. And if U could, I wouldn't
Aaron: I hate you
Moon: (smiles) I hate you too

Monday; Set Of Crazy 4 U

Moon enters. Remember comes over

Remember: You must be Moon
Moon: Yeay, that's me
Remember: Well, I'm Remember, most here just call me Remy, and let's go! I show you around
Moon: Great

Remember's Dressing Room

Remember: So, that's my dressing room. You can hang out here with me and Essay
Moon: Can I ask you something personal?
Remember: Spill it
Moon: What's going on with you and Adam?
Remember: We're really close friends, but that's it
Moon: That's great!
Remember: Your celebrity crush?
Moon: I don't have one
Remember: Why not?
Moon: I have a boyfriend
Remember: Tell me about him
Moon: He's blonde, has brown eyes, is 6 feet tall
Remember: Does he have a name?
Moon: Right, yes, Aaron
Remember: Cute
Moon: We were the High School losers. Even losers called us losers
Remember: Why?
Moon: We wore glasses
Remember: And? So do I
Moon: Seriously?
Remember: Yes. I wear contacts
Moon: So do we
Remember: Twinsies
Moon: I have to get used to that
Remember: To what?
Moon: Talking to a girl. In High School my only friend were my boyfriend, his sister and my sister
Remember: Howcome? You seem great
Moon: Great doesn't cut it on my old High School. The main bully is the principal's daughter
Remember: Sounds like hell
Moon: It was mhell
Remember: I'm glad I'm homeschooled
Moon: I wish I would've been homeschooled
Remember: Well, I go to school here
Moon: That must be great
Remember: Yea, Essay, Adam and I still go to school, so when we're or better I am in school, you can walk around and look at the stage and other studios

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