Starting Over is going to be sequel of Nerdy

Moon and Aaron just moved to Los Angeles and Aaron attends college, while Moon starts an internship as Remember Holt's personal assistant


Ross Lynch as Aaron Greene

Kelli Berglund as Moon Carter

Olivia Holt as Remember Holt

Kira Kosarin as Essay Lynch

Peyton Clark as Adam Ryan

Austin Mahone as Greyson Newton


  • This is going to be the first sequel of a "Movie"
  • It's unknown if anyone from Nerdy will reprises their roles, except Aaron and Moon since the sequel is set in Los Angeles, California and the other characters live in Austin, Texas
  • Maybe since Aaron's portrayer is Ross Lynch, he starts a singing career
  • Maybe Moon starts her acting career
  • Olivia Holt and Peyton Clark work together on I Didn't Do It