is the name of Chase's alternate personality when his Commando App activates. Spike is similar to the "Incredible Hulk" because when The Hulk comes in when the person's angry. Just like when Chase's angry, he becomes Spike.


Spike is an arrogant, cocky, fearless soldier. He threatens or hurts anyone that makes him angry.  He is incredibly agressive, rude, and violent. He will destroy anything that threatens him.

He seems to lack much of Chase's intellect, preferring to use violence and force to solve his problems. He is often seen growling and flexing his biceps. He also has a somewhat sadistic and mean sense of humor.

He still posseses several of Chase's traits, such as his leadership.

Spike possesses all of Chase's powers and skills, but lacks his compasion, fear and sense of decency. As such, he is stong enough to bend a metal baton and rip a water fountain apart. He also has his tremendous martial arts knowledge. Spike may also be a physical manifestation and representation of Chase's anger, shown when Leo revealed as to why he disabled Chase's bionics, Chase immediately reverted to Spike and threatened Leo.