Ross Shor Lynch (December 29, 1995) is an american actor, singer, dancer and musican and part of R5. (Song without R5).

Story  Character
11 Twins

Campbell Morgan

Drake Morgan

A Little Mistake Mason Monroe
An EXTRAordinary Family TBA
Big Family Peeta Devon
Bionics TBA
Blown Away

Austin Monroe

Jett Monroe

Enemies Beau
HOLLYWOOD Connor Daniels
How To Survive

Mason James

Just Like Us Taylor Walsh-Scott
Lightnings Troy Campbell
Misery Logan Lynch
Mix Ups Ross Lynch
My (Kinda Different) Family Nick Richards
Not Good Enough Damon DeMarco
Popular Shane Pennington
Skylar & Sabrina Zac
Stuck Logan
Teenage Diaries Liam Oliver
That's Just High School Copeland
Be Be Be My BFF Zach Hudson
Callie Ridge Austin Hough
Cinderella  Skander
Ready To Take My Place Jeremy Whalopon
Stay Strong Brady
Troublemakers Toby McCullen
Victorious James Oliver


Jake Saunders

Do's And Don'ts Of A High School Student Xander
Good Girls Go Bad Ben
Sabotage Caleb Frey
Secret Life himself
Story Of My Life Ross Moon
That's Why Leo

We Burnin' Up


Chris Parker

Mac & Lindy & Logan Jack
Hero Romeo
Hey Juliet  Jack Mahone
Denied Nate Lynch
Best Friend's Brother Ross Lynch
Livin' In Paradise

Ross Livingston

Ben Livingston

Vamp's Scott Cameron
Nerdy Aaron Greene
Starting Over Aaron Greene