Well, some of you will think that this is a little rough, but I HATE MY FATHER!!! He gets drunk the whole time and doesn't give a shit for me and than he wants to decide about my life and things I do!! NEVER!!! Get out of my life old man!!! I hate him!!! I really do!!! He hates me more than everything else in his life!!!! He calls me stupid and worst!! He yells at me the entire time, than he leaves my room, comes back, yells again and leaves again. I'm even thinking about to cut myself again or worst. I'm the biggest disappointment of his life!!! Could it be worst?? I wish he would just forget that I exist and leave me alone!!! Is that to much to ask for?? I think, he wishes that he never had me or that I am dead, because if I would be, he didn't had to deal with me!!! I bet he would hit me if I'm already on the ground!! I have enough problems on my own, why can't he stay out of mine?? I HATE him!!!!!! I really do!!!! He is torturing me 24/7 and more!!! It's impossible for me to call him my father for me!! I don't see him as my father anymore!!! All I see is a person, that hates me more than his biggest enemy. And after he yells at me, he acts like nothing ever happened. What can I do against it?? I'm sometimes or better all the time afraid of him. I don't know what to do....

- RealMe

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