Best friends? Yeah right. I thought best friends are meant to be there for each other and don't let the other one fall, when she needs her the most. Or did I misunderstood something and best friend means betrayer now. She doesn't care a thing about me, even if she says that she does. Somehow I can't believe her!! She was my best friends for a few months, but with a friend like her, you don't need enemies. That's why I'm lying to her and tell her my life is perfect again, even if it's not even close to perfect. Next even close to nice or normal. I think it's close to hell and not better than this. But whatever, I don't care, if she still cares for me or not. I don't get why doesn't say that her new best friend is Barbie. They went shopping and now she doesn't wanna go with us anymore. She never has time for us, we can plan things months before we meet and she says a few days before, that she can't. I don't know what to do, but at least I got Strange at my side and she's the only one left. But I'm happy that I have her, because she helps me. The other ones always gave me advices, but I was to afraid to do that, but Strange helps me and make the advices happening, what the other ones never thought about. All I got left to say is: bye bye Pianogirl, I don't need you anymore (but I will never say that into her face, because I'm to shy, but at least I was able to write about it for just ones)



March 18, 2014

Pianogirl and I aren't friends anymore. Last thing I know is that she and Barbie are best friends now

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