Well... I don't know what to say... The whole time I heard just one side of the entire story and that was Italy's side. But know I heard Barbie side too... And now it's like I don't really know Italy at all!!! And he's looking kinda for a shoulder to cry on and guess who that is!! Me!! And Strange!! Well I can only tell my side right now. He is a stalker to Barbie somehow, because he's in love with her, but she isn't with him. She never was in love with him. Never ever was she, which he don't get. And then Pianogirl told Barbie about every single plans Italy had and now he is disappointed in Pianogirl and I am in the middle of all of this and I could cry because of that. But I think he is really self centered and ignorant as well. All that counts are his feelings and his life and most of all HIS problems, but never the feelings or problems of someone else or their lives. Like mine. And the most annoying thing is, that he would throw his future kinda away and wouldn't go to a good school because Barbie is on that school. I think that's just stupid, I hope he don't reads that, but if he would, he wouldn't know that I mean him. I hope... Okay, but he is like my little brother and I like him like a brother and I don't wanna lose him.

- RealMe


March 18, 2014

Well here's the update, Italy and I aren't friends anymore

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