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Ramy and Maia

To be honest , I'm not a Raura or a Raia shipper, because Maia has her boyfriend Ramy and Ross and Laura are just friends, good friends!! And I bet the most people don't think about, what would happen if they break up. The really good friendship the both had, would be gone for ever and on the set of Austin & Ally it would be awkward and everything. And I think that they should have the right to decide for their own with who they wanna be with! I'm pretty sure, some of you will hate me for that, because I don't think the way that you do, that I think what I wanna think and I'm pretty sure, that out there are people, who can relate with me and think the same way like I do. It's their life, so they should decide what's good for them and not what's good for their fans, because even celebrities have a thing called private life. Okay... I'm one of the kind, who wants to know who is dating who or why did they break up or they should have stayed together, but in the end the decision is theirs. And when they decide to be best friends, than let them be friends or when they decide to date someone else than you wanted them to, I wouldn't be angry or disappointed because of that. No, you should be happy about them being happy! Because sometimes you don't get everything that you want, but I think if your idol or favorite star is happy, you are happy. Because I think, that everything that a real fan wants is, that he star he loves, is happy.

- RealMe

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