Have you ever dreamed about being a star or marry one? I know i did or better I do. I just can't decide between Ross Lynch and Gregg Sulkin (I'm crazy about British accent). Or sometimes I dream that the songs, that R5 sings, are about me and I pretend to be that girl, he sings them to. But which girl doesn't wish, that her celebrity crush sings a song to or about her. I also dream about being a star and be able to meet them without winning anything or being around thousands of other screaming fans. I would like to be a singer, I just don't think that I am good enough, even if everyone says, that I'm a good singer. Somehow I just can't believe it. Or I would like to be an actress, than I could try to play the love interest of my celebrity crush and I would know how he kisses or how cute he can be. I could be closer to him, than I ever wished for and maybe even fall in love with him for real. Sometimes I even practice my acting (pretending to talk to people like a friend or a star, with who I pretend to be friend with). I think the biggest road block is, that I have stage fright or that I just can't believe in myself. My biggest dream is it to say someday "Hey I'm ........... from ............ and you are watching Disney Channel" and that the ones, who bullied me, figure out the first, who I really am.

- RealMe


March 18, 2014

I made up my mind, I'm totally crazy about Ross Lynch. 

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