Well, I guess all of you or maybe a few of you know this feeling... That feeling, when your parents are fighting.... A lot. Well, I did or get. They are arguing over a few years now... And I think, that I am the reason for them to fight. For my dad to hate me, he isn't happy and he told my mom into the eyes. While he was drunk... Yes, he drinks... And that since my parents got married. And they only got married, because my mom was pregnant with me and my now dead grandpa didn't wanted that his son has a child without being married. That's why they did get married and this is even the second marriage of my father. Sometimes I think if I might have any siblings beside my little sister. My little sister and I get way closer than we were before the fight got so out of control. We are really way closer now. But sometimes I dream about a 100% perfect family, like the ones in the movies or TV Shows or the books. A mom and a dad, who love each other more than anything else in the world and never fight . A really good sister sister relationship. That I can tell her everything, really everything. And I would like to have a big sister, which I can ask everything, when I have a question or a problem. Someone I can idolize. My little sister is 12 and she has to take all of the trouble of my screwed up family. I don't wanna know, how this is for her! It must me worst than for me, 'cause I know in two years I can leave and she has six years till she can leave. Or maybe my parents get divorce earlier and I have to move away from my friends... I don't wanna lose them!!!

- RealMe

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