My friends are an important part of my life, but sometimes they are just kinda annoying... Like Italy. He is in a difficult situation about love... He is in love a girl, who totally ignores him. But the thing is, she kinda gave him the felling that she is in love with him too. But now it seems like she isn't at all. And now we have the sad Italy to take care of... I'm okay with listening to him, but he's kinda self-centered, what is really annoying... He tells me or better us the whole time, that we wouldn't understand him and we never will unless we get into the situation by our own. It's kinda annoying because we TRY to understand but the problem is, he doesn't sees that. My best friend, she is like a sister to me, has almost never time and since we on different schools, it's more difficult than it has ever been. I repeat a grade (I wanted to, so it's okay. I fought for it a long long time and hard) and had only Italy but now I found Diswolf and she has a lot in common. Like our love for Disney or dogs or horses. I can talk to her about my favorite tv shows, like Austin & Ally, Lab Rats, Shake It Up or Good Luck Charlie. Through her I'm able to talk about that in public. But then there would be Strange. She has never time for us and it's not that often that she writes in the group in What's App. She is busy with school, okay, but when she is not busy with school, she is busy with her boyfriend. The see each other like everyday. I have no idea, when I wrote the last time in our privat chat or I kinda don't remember how she looks like. I can't stop repeating, that I miss the old times! Where only Italy, Strange, Pianogirl and I were. Nobody else who tried to ruin this without even really trying. The old times were epic and I talk of old times, but I am only 16 so are they really "old times"?? Well for us, they are and they ever will be, because one thing is sure, it will never be like this again....

- RealMe

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