Being bullied is hard, I know. And do you know why? Because I went through it. From grade 5 til 8/9. I still hear mean things about me, even from ex-friends. Like them calling me Disney. Earlier I would have start crying, but today I am stronger than I ever was. Today I am just laughing about that, because I don't care! I think it's funny, that she thinks, that this is hurting me. Well listen Barbie, at least I'm not made of plastic. I mean, I don't throw my friends away, just because we fought and go back to my old best friend, just to feel better, because she doesn't look that well as I do. No! I don't judge my friends, by how they look. I judge them not at all!!! Getting hated is hard, but the hardest thing is, when a person, that you trust or trusted does something mean like this to you. Even when she was angry, it's no reason to use the secrets of someone against that one!!! I don't care if you read this Barbie and even if you do, you will never know, that I meant you! But if you find out somehow, I don't care! I told you, that I can't forgive, so...

- RealMe

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