Ross and Ally

Ally Vegaz & Ross Lynch

Pairing Name





Alland, Rossland, Raura, Soss

Portrayed by

Ross Lynch & Kelli Berglund

Couple Names

Rally (R/oss and Ally)

Rosslly (Ross and A/lly)

Rolly (Ro/ss and A/lly)


Ross noticed Ally on an R5 concert in Mannheim and then Ally came to the US for an exchange year and became Ryland's best friend. Then on R5 second world tour the became closer and secretly started dating. In Song 4 U, Ross writes a song for her and in Telling The World, Ross told everyone about their relationship.


How I Met My Best Friend (Pilot)

Ross noticed Ally and couldn't get her out of his head

The Concert

Ross becomes jealous when Ratliff said that her and Ryland are cute together. Ross jumps off the stage to talk to Ally, while the rest stays on stage

On Tour

Ross told Ally something, that Ryland wanted to keep from her. Ross had a judging look after Ryland said to Ally "And that's why I love you". Ally tells Ross, how she became friends with Ryland while everybody else was asleep. They were goofing around and became closer

Sparks Fly

Song 4 U

They exchanged their first "I love you"

Similarities and Differences


  • They both have brown eyes
  • Both love music
  • Both sing
  • Both love the color yellow
  • Both have one sister
  • Their mothers were pregnant at the same time (Daniella with Ally; Stormie with Ryland)
  • Ross and one of Ally's dogs share their birthday
  • Both like comfortable clothes
  • Both like pets
  • They like the same shows
  • Both are actors


  • Ally has brown hair, Ross has blonde
  • Ross can dance, Ally doesn't
  • Ally is a little shy, Ross is really confident
  • Ross isn't picky with food, Ally is picky and a vegetarian
  • She's german, he's american




Rally's color is yellow, because it's their favorite color 



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