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Raylin’s and Taylin’s parents died in a car accident, when Taylin was 3 and Raylin was 1 year old. Since than, they are a part of the foster program and have a new home every month. The newest home is with a family with no children. Both sisters are really different from each other, but have a lot of things in common. They get along really well, but it is all about to change when Taylin falls for Raylin’s best friend. The thing is, that Raylin is in love with him too.

Season 1 Main Cast

Olivia Holt as Raylin Hastings

Maia Mitchell as Taylin Hastings

Ross Lynch as Logan Lynch

Recurring Cast

Grace Phipps as Van Bennett

Ian Somerhalder as Alex Bennett

Justin Bieber as Eli Morgan

Cody Allen Christian as Chris Allen

Mitchel Musso as Nate Mitchell

Sterling Knight as Xander Justice

Cody Simpson as Niall Lewis

Austin Mahone as Oliver DeWells

Steven R. McQueen as Cole Wendell

Billy Unger as Morgan DeMarco

Brendan Meyer as Kendall Klein



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