Not Good Enough EPI1 Part 1 Meeting The Fam11:17

Not Good Enough EPI1 Part 1 Meeting The Fam

20-year old Lennox Ellington, who finds her adoption papers after her adoptive mom died and she goes off to find her birth mom, but she doesn't want Lennox in her and her kids life. And at the end is a Family Reunion

Season 1 Main CastEdit

Ashley Benson as Lennox Ellington

Not Good Enough Intro-000:28

Not Good Enough Intro-0

Demi Lovato as Kendall DeMarco

Ross Lynch as Damon DeMarco

Olivia Holt as Marley DeMarco

Dove Cameron as Spencer DeMarco

Ava Sambora as Sydney DeMarco

Bridgit Mendler as Troian DeMarco

Mia Talerico as Cesar DeMarco

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