Love Will Tell Us Where To Go
Love Will Tell Us Where To Go Intro00:33

Love Will Tell Us Where To Go Intro

Marley Davenport has a crush on Jake Lautner, who is with Emma Marlson. But on a party both, Jake and Marley, get drunk and sleep with each other. Marley ends up pregnant.

Theme Song: Love Will Tell Us Where To Go by Bridgit Mendler

Season 1 Main Cast

Victoria Justice as Marley Davenport

Steven R. McQueen as Jake Lautner

Davis Cleveland as Jack Davenport

David Henrie  as Jason Martin

Demi Lovato as Lauren Peterson

Kay Panabaker as Santana Torres

Bella Thorne as Sarah Marlson

Bradley Steven Perry as Spencer Davenport

Miley Cyrus as Tasha Lopez

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