Ally Lawrence is one of the main characters of Denied and those are her songs

S01E01 Suspicious Song

Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now (dream performance)

Dreamy (mentioned, writing progress)

Better In Stereo (mentioned, writing progress)

S01E02 Hell Called School 

Better In Stereo (writing progress, mentioned

Dreamy (writing progress, mentioned)

Unnamed song for Nate (mentioned, writing progress)

S01E03 Happy Holidays

Christmas Soul (mentioned, writing progress, performed)

Better In Stereo (mentioned, writing progress)

unnamed song for Nate (mentioned, writing progress)

Let It Snow (mentioned, writing progress, performed)

Hey (performed)(Chase and Jacob set her up with the song)

S01E04 Writers Boot Camp

I Got That Rock N' Roll (helped a little)

S01E05 Stolen Song

Had Me @ Hello (writing progress, performed)

S01E06 Main Birthdays

S01E07 Anniversary Of Friends

S01E08 Spring Formal

S01E09 Rising Star

S01E10 About To Change

S01E11 Break It Tour

S01E12 Coming Clean

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