Maddie's Daddy

After finding out, that her parents are actually her grandparents and her sister is actually her mother, Maddie has only one question: Who is her dad? So she starts searching for him

Santa's Daughter

Mirabella Claus is the daughter of Santa Claus and has just one wish: To be an ordinary girl and runs away from home and flies to Miami, where she pretends to be an ordinary High School girl. But it's not easy, because her parents come look for her and she mentioned a few times to them, that she wants to go to Miami, when she's older. She also has problems with hiding her powers

My Bought Family

Marvin Hunter is an innocent guy, who is searched from the police. To not be discovered, he buys himself a family. Rebel boy Kaz (17 years old), orphan outcast girl Arielle and the broke woman Lena

Tough Decision

Girl in coma anf her ghost has to decide if she wanna die or wake up

Rise And Fall

Girl is the daughter of the two powerfullest people of New York, then there would be the mortal enemies of her family, who once where at the top and the ordinary girl

Blondes & Brunettes


Forever 17


Want U Bad

Ross Lynch/Austin Mahone/Liv Mendler


16 year old Jane Bennett has a wilde imagination



Disney's New Generation: Mission Hollywood

Ally, the shy one

Dove, the diva

Paris, the cheerleader

Ross, the musician

Austin, the creative on

(Film making contest)

Cowboy Up

2 city girls ending up on the country and they learn how to be real cowgirls and how to be tough

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