Lennox Ellington
Lennox Ellington
Full Name Lennox Bexhill Eillington
Nicknames Lenny
Gender female
Date of Birth

Bexhill, UK

August 20, 1993 (age 20)

Resides in Los Angeles, California
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde

Grace DeMarco (birth mother)

Unnamed father

Mrs. Ellington (adoptive mother)

Kendall DeMarco (twin sister)

Troian DeMarco (younger sister)

Sydney DeMarco (younger sister)

Spencer DeMarco (younger sister)

Marley DeMarco (younger sister)

Cesar DeMarco (younger sister)

Damon DeMarco (younger brother)

Alexa Burke (cousin)

Ara Burke (cousin)

Ginny Burke (cousin)

Hunter Burke (cousin)

Joey Burke (cousin)

Marnie Burke (cousin)

Burke (cousin)

Romances Brandon Ryan (fiancé)
First Seen Meeting The Fam
Last Seen
Portrayed By Ashley Benson

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