Florian Murs
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Ginger
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: April 22, 1996
Age: 17
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Mike Murs (father)

Faye Murs (step-mother)

Tristan Kosarin (step-sister)

Echo Murs (sister)

Jason Murs (brother)

Tyler Murs (brother)

Relationships: Skye Mitchell (girlfriend)
Friends: Skye Mitchell

Tristan Kosarin

Production Information
First appearance: Welcome 2 Our Family
Portrayer: Dylan Riley Snyder

Flo Murs is a 17 year old teenager boy, who becomes the new step-brother of Tristan. First they don't get along, but later they get along the best out of the siblings. He is one of the main characters of Welcome 2 Our Family

Flo Murs is portrayed by Dylan Riley Snyder


Flo is a geek, who hates it if someone is fighting or rude. He also likes it to have a place just for himself. 


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Faye Murs

Mike Murs

Echo Murs

Tristan Kosarin

Before Tristan became his step-sister, he tried once to become friends with her but she rejected him. That's why he started hating her. After she became his step-sister, they got along better and better and became really good friends.

Tyler Murs

Jason Murs


Skye Mitchell

Skye is his step-sisters best friend, so he get's along with her. He is also her tutor in German

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