Elijah Mikaelson
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: TBA
Age: 20
Height: 5'11"

Species: Original
Resides in: Whitechapel
Occupation(s): Student
Family & Friends
Family: Bella Mikaelson (little sister)

Em Mikaelson (little sister)

Jeremy Mikaelson (uncle)

Rory Mikaelson (little brother)

Stefan Mikaelson (little brother)

Relationships: TBA
Friends: TBA
Enemies: TBA
Personal Information
Interests: TBA
Clique: The Tigers (formerly)
Education: Whitechapel High School (formerly)
Talent: TBA
Strengths: TBA
Weaknesses: TBA
Theme Song: Right Here by Miley Cyrus
Production Information
First appearance: TBA
Portrayer: Daniel Gilles

Elijah Mikaelson is a 20 year old man, who is the oldest out of the Mikaelson kids. He is one of the main characters of Vamp's

Elijah Mikaelson is portrayed by Daniel Gilles


Elijah is described as unpredictable, over-protective and stubborn, but also very kind, intelligent, selfless, empathetic, compassionate, and friendly. He is extremely loyal and has a loving nature. But in spite of this, Elijah is very naive and easily manipulable. He strongly believes in trust, honesty and loyalty and whenever he would give his word to someone, he would keep it. Elijah has been known to break deals but only when he realized he was lied to. He has a lot of respect and admiration for human life, which is unseen in many other vampires and is normally very reluctant to kill anyone when unnecessary. He is known for speaking his mind and having a fierce temper. Elijah very rarely has tolerance for those who broke their words to him. Despite the fact that he always keeps his word, he is proficient at finding loopholes in the deals he makes and very careful with those that he proposed, making it clear that whenever he does something, he hasn't promised not to do it. Elijah's biggest defining trait, as well as his greatest weakness, is his love and loyalty to his family. He believes that it is his duty to preserve and protect them, despite knowing the consequences it would have on others and has shown remorse because of this. Elijah admits that during his early years as a vampire, he felt terrible hunger.


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Bella Mikaelson

Em Mikaelson

Jeremy Mikaelson

Rory Mikaelson

Stefan Mikaelson


Cole Mitchel

Aaron Owens

Kailie Summers

Lewis Keaner

Morgan Petrova

Scott Cameron

Xenia Petrova

Ally Owens

Adria Owens

Alex Owens



Superhuman Speed: He has superhuman speed, which allows him to be much faster than humans and normal vampires, werewolves and hybrids

Superhuman Strength: He has superhuman strength, which allows him to be much stronger than humans and normal vampires, werewolves and hybrids

Superhuman Hearing: His vampire sense of hearing is far greater than humans and normal vampires, werewolves and hybrids

Superhuman Agility: He has superhuman agility, that means he can move faster than humans and normal vampires, werewolves and hybrids

Superhuman Healing Factor: He can rapidly heal any cut, bruise, burn, scar and etc. in a matter of seconds

Superhuman Reflexes: He has superhuman reflexes, that allows him to react faster than a human and normal vampires, werewolves and hybrids



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