is the smart-home system that controls everything in the house such as doors, lights, and other electrical things. He is one of Davenport's inventions.


He is very sarcastic, and seems to dislike many of the people that live in the house, with the obvious exception for Donald Davenport. Eddy enjoys taunting and teasing everyone in the household, and because of it has been labeled as something of a sadist. He particularly does not Tasha and has a continously bickering relationship with her. His body actually consists of letters that make up his name: E - the body, The two D's - his eyes, and the Y - his suit.


  • He sometimes refers to Davenport as 'Daddy' but Davenport finds it weird.
  • He likes playing dodgeball with Davenport.
  • He likes to cheat while playing dodgeball with Davenport.
  • He acts like he doesn't care for anyone but Davenport.
  • Everyone calls him creepy. 
  • Chase thinks it would take years to shut him down but Adam does it in seconds.
  • Eddy thinks Marcus is cool and respects his underhanded tactics. 
  • He hates Tasha the most out of all the Davenports because he thinks that Donald doesn't have any time for him since she moved in.
  • Tasha now can choose whenever she can turn him on or off.
  • He used to have a mobile unit, which later on got crushed on a mission due to a "big fan"
  • He drove Tasha and Donald safely back home driving the plane.

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