The Davenport living room

Adam, Bree, Brooke, Chase and Leo are sitting on the couch

Chase: What is going to happen to you now??
Brooke: I don’t know, my dad is in jail. I have no place to stay

Tasha and Big D walk in

Tasha: Technically you are the sister of those 3 bionics, so….
Big D: You can stay here
Brooke: Really??
Big D and Tasha: Yes
Brooke: (screams) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU (hugs Big D and Tasha)
Adam: Brooke?
Brooke: Yes?
Adam: Can I talk to you? In private?
Brooke: Sure

Adam and Brooke leave the living room and go to the lab

The Davenport Lab

Brooke sits down on the table. Adam walks toward her.

Adam: So… Why did you break up with me? I mean, before you knew that we are sibs? Was that because of what Donovan did to your mind?
Brooke: No, it had nothing to do with my… our… Donovan. What he did to my mind, was influence I act, not what I feel. I just… kinda felt the same way about you anymore than when we came together
Adam: So you were going to break up with me anyway?
Brooke: (sad) Yes… I just didn’t knew how… If I could do it all over again, I would. I would do it in a nicer way. But always remember, you were my first love
Adam: (sad) Yea… you were mine too… Too sad, that you’re my sister
Brooke: If I wouldn’t be your sister, I would be with Chase right now
Adam: Yea, you’re right. You are like the sister, I don’t have
Brooke: You have a sister!! Bree!!
Adam: I mean the one I don’t have!!
Brooke: Sure

Brooke hugs Adam. They go back in the living room

Chase: Brooke, I need to talk to you
Brooke: Back to the lab

Brooke and Chase go in the lab

Brooke: Let me guess: You wanna talk about are relationship?
Chase: Yes
Brooke: (annoyed) Go on
Chase: Do you started dating me, because your mind was changed?
Brooke: No, it had nothing to do with my… our… Donovan. What he did to my mind, was influence I act, not what I feel.
Chase: So you really had feelings for me?
Brooke: Yes, after you told me in the cafeteria, how you feel about me, I kinda felt flattered.
Chase: Really?
Brooke: Yes, I started to have feelings for you
Chase: But this whole brother-sister thing changes all, right?
Brooke: (sad) Yes… Isn’t it somehow creepy that I dated two of my three brothers?

Chase laughs: Somehow. OMG, I dated my sister
Brooke: Your big sister (laughs)
Chase: OMG, it’s like I dated Bree
Brooke: Yes

The both hug


The Davenports, Leo and Brooke sit on the couch watching TV

Tasha: Now we are one big family
Big D: With 5 children
Eddy: 5 and a wife to much
Tasha: I shut you down (tries to stand up)

Big D holds her back

Big D: Calm down honey
Tasha: I get you one day!!

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