Brooke looks at Spencer

Brooke starts smiling

Brooke: Yes

Spencer gets up and kisses Brooke and spins her around

Brooke: I love you
Spencer: I love YOU

Spencer puts Brooke down and kisses her. They pull apart

Brooke: Do you know what?
Spencer: What?
Brooke: I give up… I think, he don’t wanna be found…
Spencer: If he loves you, he’ll come back
Brooke: Yea, you’re right

The Davenport house

Spencer and Brooke enter the house

Debby: BROOKE!?!!?

Debby and Bree hug Brooke

Debby: And?
Brooke: I gave up
Bree: Why?
Brooke: I think, he don’t wanna be found
Debby: Oh and Nina was here and said she wanna break up with Marcus
Brooke: While he’s gone!?
Spencer: And…

Brooke shows them her hand

Bree: Is it what I think it is?
Brooke: What do you think?
Bree: Engagement ring?!
Brooke: (screams) YES!!!

Bree, Debby and Brooke scream

Brooke: Spencer ask me this morning
Bree: Oh my god!!!!
Brooke: I know right


The doorbell rings. Brooke opens

Brooke: *shocked* MARCUS!? You are back?
Marcus: Can I come in?
Brooke: *step aside* Go ahead
Marcus: *walks in* I had to think
Brooke: *closes the door* Why?
Marcus: You being good-
Brooke: What I have to do with YOU running away
Marcus: I wanna be like you
Brooke: What do you mean with “like you”?
Marcus: Nice and boring
Brooke: Hate you!!
Marcus: Hate you too!!

Brooke hugs Marcus. Marcus hugs Brooke back.

Brooke: I realized, that you mean more to me than I thought
Marcus: I realized that too
Brooke: Doesn’t matter, what we went through-
Marcus&Brooke: You’re still my twin

Leo walks in

Leo: (scared) MARCUS!!! *runs away*

Ariana and Brandon superspeed through the room

Brooke: *lets go of Marcus* NO SUPERSPEED IN THE HOUSE!!!

Arianna&Brandon: Sorry *superspeed away*
Brooke: Kids *laughs*
Marcus: Are we good?
Brooke: Yes.. Of course
Macus: Thanks. I just need you in my life
Brooke: So do I
Marcus: *smiles*
Brooke So… wanna walk me down the aisle?
Marcus: What are you talking about?

Brooke shows him her ring

Marcus: Oh my… First you become a mother and now you’re getting married??
Brooke: *smiles* Yes
Marcus: Come here

Marcus hugs Brooke

Marcus: Of course I walk you down the aisle. Who are your bridesmaids??
Brooke: Bree, Aria, Lora and Debby
Marcus: What about Marnie?
Brooke: Haven’t heard from her in a while. You?
Marcus: Nope

They let go of each other
They start laughing

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