The Davenport house

Spencer rings. Chase opens the door

Chase: Spencer? How can I help you?
Spencer: Where is Brooke?
Chase: She’s not home… Haven’t seen her since school
Spencer: Could I wait here for her?
Chase: Yea, sure. In her room

Spencer walks in. Chase closes the door.

20 minutes later

Adam’s room

Lora: I’m back in a sec. I need to go to the bathroom
Adam: Sure, out the door and 5 doors left… Or was it right??
Lora: I will find it!! (leaves)

Lora walks 3 doors left and sees Spencer alone in the room

Lora: Spencer?
Spencer: (surprised) Lora, hey
Lora: Is Brooke still not here?
Spencer: (mad) No…!! And really need to talk to her!!!
Lora: Would it help, if you would talk to me??
Spencer: I could try…

10 minutes later

Brooke and Parker enter the house

Brooke: Do you wanna drink something?
Parker: Sure

Booke walks over to the fridge and gets orange juice out

Parker: I can’t believe you remember that
Brooke: I can’t believe you still adicted to that juice
Parker: I can’t believe you live with Donald Davenport and his family
Big D: (enters) I heard my name?
Brooke: Big D this is my bestfriend when I was little Parker. Parker this is-
Big D: Just call me Big D. Everyone does
Brooke: Only Leo and I call you that!!
Big D: Oh and before I forget… again… Spencer is waiting in your room!!!
Brooke: (shocked) WHAT?! (wants to superspeed)
Brooke: Oh right!! (goes upstairs, toward her room)

Brooke hears Spencer and Lora talking. Brooke looks in the room and sees Spencer kissing Lora. Brooke walks in.

Brooke: What’s going on here?!
Spencer: Nothing
Brooke: I saw everything!! How could you?? And than with my brothers girlfriend!?
Lora: Ähm.. we decided to stay friends
Brooke: Why?
Lora: He can’t over his ex girlfriend…
Brooke: He can’t be serious!! It’s over since a year now
Spencer: Can we please talk?
Brooke: About what??
Spencer: I thought, it was you!!
Brooke: Oh come on!! I’m way taller than her!!!
Lora: (mad) Hey!!!
Brooke: Sorry!! But you kissed my boyfriend!!
Spencer: I really thought, it was you!!! It was dark!!
Brooke: (sacastic) Really?
Spencer: Yes!!
Lora: I think, she’s sacastic
Brooke: Yes I am!! Why would you kiss her????
Lora: Tell her!!
Brooke: Tell her what?!
Spencer: I felt alone okay!?
Brooke: Why?
Spencer: I wanted to talk to you about something important and you… you just run off. Like always!! Whenever I need to talk to you, you have to leave!! And today, Lora was there for me and I felt close to her, closer than I felt the last time to you!! I don’t even remember the last date we had!! It’s a long time ago!!
Brooke: I’m sorry okay?! I just have important stuff to do!! I have other problems than just yours!!
Spencer: You never listen to me!!
Brooke: You never listen to ME!!
Lora: I should leave (leaves)
Spencer: And you blew me off the last six nights!! And that began six days ago, where we were supposed to meet after school!!
Brooke: I’m sorry for having a social life and family!! But my big sister, which I never met, appeared and wanted to get to know my twinbrother, which I hate and haven’t seen in a year, and me!! Well excuse me for the fact, that I wanted to get to know her!! I only got one big sister!! And I don’t have time for you EVERY NIGHT!! Do you get that?! Or is that too much for you??
Spencer: So… that’s it?!
Brooke: I don’t know
Eddy: (appears) Brooke, Davenport needs your help
Brooke: On my way
Spencer: Good bye Brooke (leaves)

Brooke starts crying and goes to the lab

Adam: What’s wrong, little girl?!

Brooke walks toward Adam and throws him through the room

Chase: Woohh… That’s something, I never seen before!!
Brooke: STOP IT OR YOU’RE NEXT!!! (sits down)

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