Brooke and Dana walk through the park

Brooke: No way!!
Dana: What’s wrong?
Brooke: THEM!! *points at a kissing couple* Back in a sec!! *walks over to them* Hey

They stop kissing

Aria & Jason: BROOKE?!
Brooke: Hey there
Aria: You go to MCU?
Brooke: (sacastic) No, I just live here!!
Jason: Is Bree here too?
Brooke: My roomie
Aria: (scared) Chase too?
Brooke: Sure! And they won’t like it, that you two are a thing now!!
Jason: You can change nothing!! *pulls Aria with him*
Dana: *walks over to Brooke* Who are they?
Brooke: The boy is Bree’s ex-boyfriend and father of her child. And the girl is Chase’ ex-girlfriend and mother of his child
Dana: And they’re dating now?
Brooke: I think so… Don’t tell Bree and Chase!!

Mission Creek High School

Nanny and Debby are standing at Debby’s locker

Nanny: Where is Delany?
Debby: I have no idea
Nanny: Wait!! Over there is a blonde in a rich girl dress
Debby: Nanny, the nicest person I know
Nanny: And now you know, why I never had a friend

With Delany

Delany: *laughs*
Tyler: You’re cute when you laugh
Delany: Thank you
Tyler: *smiles at her*
Delany: And you’re cute when you smile
Tyler: *kisses her*
Delany: *kisses him back*

They pull apart

Tyler: Do you wanna go out with me? On a date? Oh.. and be my girlfriend?
Delany: Yes, yes and oh… yes
Tyler: *laughs* Great
Delany: *hugs him*
Tyler: *holds her tight*


Bree, Chase, Brooke, Spencer, Lora and Dana sit on a table

Bree: Is that *points at Jason* who I think it is?
Mason: *sits down next to Bree* Who?
Bree: My ex-boyfriend, who cheated on me
Mason: But now you have me *kisses her cheek* And I never would cheat on you!!!
Bree: *smiles* Thanks
Chase: And there’s Aria with him
Brooke: Are you okay?
Chase: Yea, why shouldn’t I be?
Sam: *sits down* Brooke, he’s busy with my sister. But please don’t make her pregnant!
Chase: I promise I won’t. One baby is enough for now
Brooke: Thank you. I feel so much better now
Chase: You might be capable of handling two baby’s, but I’m not
Brooke: It’s okay!! Where is Marcus?
Marcus: *sits down* Missed me?
Brooke: Just asking
Marcus: Meet my guys

Marco and Timo walk over

Marco & Timo: (flirty) Heyy
Bree/Brooke/Lora/Dana: Taken/Married/Taken/Not interressted
Marco & Timo: Woo..
Dana: Gotta go!! *gets up and leaves*
Marcus: What’s wrong with her?
Lora: I better go after her *runs after Dana*

With Lora and Dana

Lora: What’s wrong?
Dana: Marco is my ex-boyfriend and Timo my kindergarten best friend, who made me pregnant, but I lost the baby, because he beat me up
Lora: Oh my gosh… Dana *hugs her*
Dana: It’s okay *hugs her back*
Lora: I couldn’t imagine life without knowing that Cody is alive
Brooke: *runs over* Hey, what’s wrong??
Dana: Marco ex-boyfriend. Timo beat me up, while I was pregnant from him
Brooke: I’ll talk to Marcus
Dana: You don’t have to!!
Brooke: Yes, I do!!

With Brooke and Marcus

Marcus: Why you wanna talk to me?
Brooke: Because of your new friends
Marcus: What about them?
Brooke: They are bad news
Marcus: How do you know?
Brooke: Dana knows them
Marcus: And? That’s why they’re bad news?
Brooke: Timo is agressiv!!
Marcus: You can’t be serious!?
Brooke: But I-

Someone screams

Brooke: What was that?

Marcus and Brooke run in the direction, the scream came from

Marcus: Is that?
Brooke: Timo beating up a boy!! *runs over and pulls Timo away from the boy*
Marcus: *helps the other boy up* Are you okay?
Jake: Yea… You stepped in the right time
Brooke: *holds Timo’s arm tighter*
Timo: That hurts!!
Brooke: You wanna say that a little girl is hurting you?? *holds the arm tighter*
Timo: I can’t feel my arm!!
Brooke: Good and when I let go of you, you gonna leave campus and drop out!! Got it!!!
Timo: (in pain) Got it!!
Brooke: *throws him to the ground* Great
Timo: *gets up and runs away*
Jake: *walks towards Brooke* Thank you *hugs her*
Brooke: No problem Jake *hugs him back*

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