The Davenport lab

Leo, Adam, Bree and Chase are sitting on the table

Bree: I think, Debby needs a boyfriend
Adam: Why do you think that?
Bree: She is always around Elena, even when Elena don’t want her around and even Leo got a girlfriend
Bree: Oh come on!! Dani from 16 years in the future said you don’t have a girlfriend and you never had one
Adam: Why does he have now one?
Bree: Maybe because of Brooke
Leo: Brooke?
Chase: See it that way! If Brooke wouldn’t had interrupt, you wouldn’t had ask her accidentally out
Leo: Maybe you’re right… It was Brookes fault. Somehow….
Bree: Where is she anyway?
Adam: Looking for Marcus?
Chase: She’s still not back?
Bree: No and I’m worried
Leo: Maybe we should call Spencer?
Bree: Don’t you think, he is with her?
Leo: What do you mean?
Bree: Nobody can break Brooke and Spencer apart! And he wouldn’t let her go alone!!!
Chase: But Brooke is more powerful than him
Bree: He doesn’t care
Adam: Kinda romantic, aren’t they?
Bree: Yes. They are so cute and I’m wondering if they get married, now where he survived
Adam: I hope so
Chase: Look who finally moved on
Adam: I have a daughter with Lora! Sure I moved on!!!

Debby walks in

Debby: What are you guys talking about?
Bree, Chase, Leo/adam: Brooke and Spencer/You
Adam: (singing voice) Saved it
Debby: What about me?
Adam: They wanna look for a boyfriend for you
Debby: WHAT!? I don’t need a boyfriend!!
Bree: Than go shopping with me!!
Debby: Since when you wanna go shopping with me?
Bree: Come on!! We never did something sister like together
Debby: Fine

Bree and Debby leave

The woods

Spencer and Brooke wake up. Brooke leaves the tent and scans accidentally the area

Brooke: WAIT!!
Spencer: (comes out of the tent) What?
Brooke: (runs toward a footprint) I found something!!!
Spencer: What?
Brooke: A footprint
Spencer: It could belong to anyone
Brooke: No, I scaned it!! It’s his
Spencer: Let me guess! You wanna follow them
Brooke: Yes!!
Spencer: What about the tent?

Brooke superspeeds and removes the tent and puts it in the bag

Brooke: Done (follows the footprints)

Spencer takes the bag and follows her

The Davenport house

Nina knocks. Debby opens the door

Nina: Is Brooke back yet?
Debby: No, why?
Nina: Can you tell her, that she don’t have to look for Marcus anymore?
Debby: Why? I thought, you love him?
Nina: Yes, but not anymore. I don’t care about him anymore. Could you please tell her that?
Debby: Suurree…
Nina: (happy) Thanks (leaves)

Debby closes the door

Debby: That was strange….
Bree: Who was that?
Debby: Nina…
Bree: What did she do here?
Debby: To tell Brooke, that she isn’t interrested in Marcus anymore…
Bree: She broke up with him with you?
Debby: She wants me to tell Brooke, but…
Chase: She isn’t back yet and she won’t come home with out Marcus
Adam: I thought she hates him?
Bree: He is still her twinbrother. Twins are closer than other siblings
Adam: She wanted to destroy him and he wanted to destroy her?
Bree: Maybe Marcus realized what he has in Brooke and is afraid to face her again
Debby: I would be too, if I would’ve tried to destroy all of you
Bree: Don’t ever do that
Debby: Wasn’t going to!!

The woods

Spencer is still following Brooke

Spencer: BROOKE!!!
Brooke: (turns around) Yes?

Spencer throws the bag to the ground and takes the box out his pocket and walks toward Brooke

Brooke: What are you doing?

Spencer knees down in front of her

Spencer: Brooke, I love you more than everything and would you do me the honor of becoming my wife and marry me?

Brooke looks at him

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