Mission Creek High School | Bleachers

The gang sits together

Adam: Have you ever seen that girl down there?
Delany: She was with me at the principals office. I think her name is Dana
Lora: She looks familiar
Nanny: She looks like you
Lora: That’s not what I meant!! I know her
Chase: Are you sure?
Lora: Yes *gets up and walks towards her* Dana?
Dana: *turns around* Lora?
Lora: Hey, what are you doing here?
Dana: I moved here
Lora: Seriously?
Dana: Yea
Lora: (quietly) Wizard in Mission Creek
Dana: *smiles* Yea
Lora: Let me introduce you to the gang
Dana: Sure, but please don’t tell them about you know what
Lora: Of course not!! Follow me!! *goes back to the gang with Dana* Guys, that’s Dana. She used to be my best friend, before she moved and before I moved in the opposite direction
Dana: Yea


Davenport lab

Big D: Leo!!! Where are the bionics??

Adam, Bree, Brooke, Chase, Debby, Marcus and Spencer enter

Leo: Found them
Bíg D: Where were you??
Debby: A place called school
Big D: There is a new species in Mission Creek
Bree: Oh no… We wanna go to college soon!!
Big D: It’s a wizard
Adam: A witch?
Bree: At least Brooke, Chase and I want
Brooke: Spencer and Marus too
Chase: No Adam!! A wizard!!
Adam: It can do stuff with magic!! So it doesn’t matter what it is called


With Adam and Lora

Adam: And you promise you won’t tell?
Lora: Yes!!
Adam: *lifts her with one hand* And?
Lora: You’re…. Strong…
Adam: Yes *puts her down*
Lora: So, you’re strong and now your eyes turn red
Adam: *shuts a laser* You’re not scared??
Lora: Nope, should I?
Adam: Yes
Lora: But I’m not
Adam: Why?
Lora: I’m used to supernatrual stuff. I once was the only normal human on a Supernatrual High
Adam: There’s a High School for people like me?
Lora: Yes. But one question. How is Cody?
Adam: CODY!!!
Lora: There’s no way he- *Cody appears* heard you…. Wait a sec!! He’s bionic too ?
Adam: Yes! And Brooke’s twins are full bionics and Cody is just a half-bionic
Dana: *appears* Adam? You’re bionic?
Adam: Nope
Dana: I’m a wizard
Adam: You’re the witch!?
Dana: Wizard
Adam: It’s the same
Dana: No, it’s not
Lora: I met her on Supernatrual High
Adam: Seriously?
Lora: Yes
Dana: I was the only one, who talked to her and please don’t tell anyone about me
Adam: I won’t

Davenport house

Big D: Did you find out, who the wizard is?
Adam: Why do you wanna know anyway?
Big D: Wizards are evil!!
Adam: You don’t know that!! Maybe they’re nice people like us
Big D: I don’t think so


Adam opens the door

Adam: Lora, Dana hey
Lora: *enters* Hey sweety
Dana: *enters* Hey Adam
Big D: *walks over* Nice to meet you Dana. I heard so much about you, mostly from Lora
Lora: She’s my best friend
Dana: Nice to meet you Mr. Davenport. One question
Big D: Yes?
Dana: Do you think I’m mean?
Big D: No, why should I??
Dana: I’m- the wizard!!!
Big D: You are?
Dana: Yes and I’m NOT mean or evil or anything bad
Big D: Okay… I think I was wrong
Everyone: Oh really??

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