Holden apartment

Door bell rings. Brooke opens the door

Brooke: Marcus??
Marcus: Hey
Brooke: What’s up?
Marcus: I’m on my way to see dad, do you wanna come?
Brooke: *looks at him*
Marcus: Do you?
Brooke: Okay… *takes her purse, leaves the apartment and closes the door*


Marcus and Brooke are infront of the visiting room

Brooke: I’m scared
Marcus: Take my hand
Brooke: *takes his hand*
Marcus: We’ll go together!! (quiet in her ear) Can you use you're compel ability??
Brooke: *gives Marcus a look*

In the visiting room

Brooke walks up to the guard and looks in his eyes

Brooke: Leave us alone and wait infront of the door!! And what ever you hear, don’t come in and forget about our little talk here!!

The guard leaves. Marcus and Brooke sit down on the table

Donovan: It’s so great to see you
Brooke: I can think of greater things!!
Marcus: We’re just here to ask some questions and if you don’t answer them yourself
Brooke: I will compel you!!
Donovan: I’ll be 100% honest with you
Brooke: You knew that Adam and I were dating and you knew, that Chase and I were dating!! Why did you never say something about us being siblings??
Donovan: Because you’re not related by blood
Brooke: What do you mean?
Donovan: Adam, Bree and Chase are my biological children. The two of you are adopted
Brooke: What do you mean?
Donovan: Afer Donald took them away, I adopted you two. My knowledge was so big that I was able to give Marcus all abilities and after I was done with him, I knew a lot more and I made you the most powerful human in the universe
Brooke: But Davenport did the same thing with his daughter
Donovan: Yes, that’s why I made you more powerful. And by then you were so powerful, that not even I could control you
Brooke: That’s why I always was good
Donovan: Exactly
Marcus: But how could Davenport take Adam, Bree and Chase??
Donovan: Before he took them, he and I were a team
Marcus: What do you mean?
Donovan: My name isn’t Donovan! It’s Davenport, I’m Douglas Davenport, Donald’s little brother
Brooke: That means that Big D is the uncle of Adam, Bree and Chase
Donovan: That’s right
Marcus: How many Davenport D’s are there?
Donovan: Me, Donald and our little sister Delena
Brooke: Are Marcus and I really adopted or kiddnapped??
Donovan: Kidnapped
Donovan: Yes, I did
Brooke: Why you never told us??
Donovan: As you were old enough to understand, you already were my kids. Believe it or not, I love the two of you like my own kids!!
Donovan: No relationship is perfect!!
Brooke: And if it involves you, everything is a big fat lie!!
Donovan: I’m sorry Brooke
Brooke: What about Marnie?
Donovan: You know her?
Marcus: Answer her question!!
Donovan: Marnie is my first born and not bionic. She has no idea, that the two of you aren’t her real siblings or that you’re bionic or what I was doing
Brooke: How old were we?
Donovan: Two years
Brooke: That’s the age of…
Donovan: The age of who?
Brooke: You don’t have to know!! Who is our real family??
Donovan: They’re called the Marchetta’s
Brooke: Anything else?
Donovan: They have two daughters 1 and 2 years older than you
Brooke: I need to get out of here!! *leaves*
Marcus: What is the couples first names??
Donovan: Richard and Cecilia
Marcus: Good!! *leaves*


Marcus: Brooke! Wait up
Brooke: *waits* My whole life has been a big fat lie
Marcus: Do you wanna visit our real parents?
Brooke: I don’t know, who they are
Marcus: Richard and Cecila Marchetta
Brooke: *uses her identified app* They still live in Mission Creek
Marcus: Let’s go!!!

Marchetta Manison

Marcus and Brooke get out the car and go to the door. Marcus knocks. Meg opens the door

Meg: Yes?
Brooke: We’re lookung for Richard and Cecilia Marchetta
Meg: I’m their daughter, how can I help you?
Marcus: I think, your parents can help more

Cecilia comes to the door

Cecilia: How may I help you?
Brooke: Ehm.. I’m Brooke Donovan and that’s my twin-brother Marcus
Marcus: What she’s trying to say: Can we come in and talk to you?
Cecilia: You may come in *steps aside*

Brooke and Marcus enter

Living room

Cecilia: Sit down please

Brooke and Marcus sit down next to each other holding ech others hand

Cecilia: What do you want to talk about?
Marcus: We just found out, that our father kidnapped us 17 years ago and that the couples name is Richard and Cecilia Marchetta
Cecilia: Did you just say “17 years ago”??
Marcus: Yes
Cecilia: And your name is Marcus??
Marcus: Yes
Cecilia: Oh my- I can’t believe, that my twins are back!! MEGHEAN!! MAXIMILLA!!

Meg and Max come downstairs

Max: What?
Cecilia: Those are the twins
Max: Do you mean our twins?
Cecilia: *crying* Yes
Max: So, you’re Marcus and Melanie?
Marcus: Well, I’m Marcus
Brooke: And my name is Brooke
Cecilia: It used to be Melanie
Meg: Do you still have the footage of the security camera??

10 minutes later

They are watching the footage

Brooke: That is-
Marcus: Yepp, he said the truth for once
Cecilia: Tell us the name of that awful man
Brooke: You don’t need it!! He is already in jail!!
Max: Wooo…
Meg: I’ve been dying to ask you something, Brooke!!
Brooke: And what?
Meg: What’s the ring on your finger??
Brooke: Oh.. I’m married
Cecilia: I missed my little girls wedding? Who walked you down the aisle?
Marcus: Me
Cecilia: So not that awful man?
Brooke: He doesn’t even know
Max: What was the reason? Were you knocked up??
Cecilia: MAXIMILLIA!!! I’m so sorry Me- Brooke
Brooke: No, it’s okay! She is kinda right..
Cecilia: What do you mean?
Brooke: I have two year old twins and I got married a few months ago
Cecilia: I’m grandmother??
Brooke: Yes! And now I know, where they got their blonde her from
Max: What are they called?
Brooke: *smiles* Ariana and Brandon
Meg: Can we meet them??
Brooke: Well, I have to talk to my boy- husband, wow.. I’m still not used to say that, but if he is okay with that, there is nothing against it
Cecilia: Oh my dear- I have to sit down *sits down*
Meg: Quit being so uptight and cool down
Cecilia: Excuse me?
Max: Be more ordinary!! Like Meg
Meg: And Max
Meg and Max: And the twins!!!

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