Davenport lab

Big D: Great!! You become better every day!!
Adam: When can we go upstairs?
Big D: Never
Chase: But I really wanna see the world
Bree: I wanna have a boyfriend!!
Big D: If I can’t have a wife, you can’t have a boyfriend!!
Bree: That’s unfair!! I’m sick of kissing the wall

Chase and Adam look at Bree

Bree: We all have done it!!!

Donovan lab

Donovan sits on his computers

Donovan: Brooke, train with Marcus!!!
Brooke: I don’t want to!!
Donovan: GO!!
Brooke: Urgh… *puts her magazine away and gets up* Let’s go Marci!!
Marcus: Shut up Brooki!! *shuts a laser at her*
Brooke: Oh boy… *uses her forcefield* That is all you got??

The laser hits Marcus, who falls paralized to the ground

Brooke: Done!! *sits down and continues reading her magazine*
Marcus: How long am I’m going to be paralized??
Donovan: One or two hours
Marcus: WHAT!?
Brooke: Is there a laser to make him shut up??
Donovan: No
Brooke: Urgh… *leaves*

With the Dooley’s

Leo: Why do we have to move?
Tasha: I got a new job in Mission Creek
Leo: Where is that?
Tasha: California

Mission Creek High School | In a car infront of it

Brooke: And what made you change your mind about us going to school??
Donovan: Just get out of the car!!

Brooke and Marcus get out of the car. Donovan drives off

Brooke: Did you ever thought that? Donovan driving us to school like an ordinary family
Marcus: Blah blah blah. Let’s go *enters the school with Brooke*

Davenport lab

Bree: *gets up* I’m so sick of that!! I wanna get out of here!!
Chase: What do you wanna do??
Adam: Breaking stuff!!
Bree: For once I agree with Adam!!
Chase: Let’s change and then we try to escape!!!

Mission Creek High School

Adam, Bree and Chase enter

Adam, Bree and Chase: Wooo…
Marcus: (to Brooke) Who are those freaks?
Brooke: (to Marcus) You have a identification app, use it!!
Marcus: *uses the identification app* Those are Adam, Bree and Chip Davenport
Brooke: Are you sure, you don’t mean “Chase”???
Marcus: You always have to be right, don’t ya?
Brooke: Yes!! By the way… Why am I talking to you? Or better… why am I hanging out with you?
Marcus: Because nobody wants to friends with you and unfortunately I’m your brother
Brooke: You really think it’s better to be your sister?
Marcus: Yes
Brooke: No, it’s not!! *leaves and walks passes Adam, Bree and Chase*
Adam: Hey there
Brooke: *turns around* Me?
Adam: Yes
Brooke: Hey
Adam: Hey
Chase: Hey, can you help us?
Brooke: How?
Chase: Where do you go, when you’re new at a school??
Brooke: Pricipal’s office, but if I would be you, I’d just go to a class
Chase: Why?
Brooke: The principal’s a dragon
Adam: Cool, I always wanted to meet a dragon
Brooke: NOT a real dragon, you’re not the brightest, are you?
Bree: His lights never were on
Brooke: *laughs* Just come with me

Lunch Break

Adam, Bree, Chase and Brooke sit on a table together

Bree: Brooke? Who is that little dude staring at you?
Chase: Hey!!
Brooke: I think she meant *points at Leo* that one!! And creepy!!
Bree: Do you know him?
Brooke: No, I’m new
Adam: Really?
Brooke: Yes!! I’m back in a sec *gets up and walks towards Leo*
Marcus: *holds her back* Stay with me!! We have to catch your new friends!!
Brooke: *frees herself* Let me go!! *walks off* Hey
Leo: Heeyy
Brooke: Why you’re staring at me like that?
Leo: Like what?
Brooke: Like that *points at his face*

A few days later

Adam, Bree and Chase are trapped in cages

Bree: Seriously? I got my first friend and she locks me in a cage
Brooke: I didn’t do it!!
Marcus: It was me! Using my sister to get what I want was genius!!
Donovan: Let’s distroy them!!

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