Donovan Lab

Chase: What do you mean: „This is just the beginning“??
Marcus: (mean) You will see!!
Adam: Are we now can have some privacy?
Marcus: (mean) You’re kidding right? He is, right?
Bree: No, he’s not!
Marcus: (mean) You are prisoners, you don’t get privacy!!
Adam: Can I at least see Brooke?
Marcus: (sacastic) Do you want a hot tub too?
Adam: Yea, that would be nice!!
Marcus: (mean/annoyed) I was joking!!
Adam: Oh… but I really wanna see Brooke!!
Marcus: You will get your chance early enough (leaves)

Donovan house | Brooke’s room

Brooke dances through the room (Song: I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding). Marcus walks in.

Marcus: Brooki

Brooke turns around

Brooke: Marci
Marcus: Be totally honest now!!

Brooke nods

Marcus: Do you still like Adam?
Brooke: To Be Honest, NO!!!
Marcus: Why are you still together with him?
Brooke: I don’t know… (thinks)
Marcus: I don’t get girls…
Brooke: If I would break up with him, it would ruin him!! AND if I flirt with Chase in front of him… He will be broken!!
Marcus: I love the way you think!!
Brooke: Thank you


Brooke enters the Donovan Lab, wearing a pyjama, holding a sleeping bag and walks over to Chase’s cage and puts her stuff down there.

Adam: Brooke? What you’re doing??
Brooke: (mean) Oh… I’ve forgot… We’re done!
Adam: What?
Brooke: (mean) I dumb you!!
Adam: Use smaller words please!!!
Brooke: (mean) It’s over!!
Adam: Smallerer!!
Bree: ADAM!! She’s breaking up with you!!
Adam: Oh… Wait… WHAT!? WHY?!
Brooke: (mean) I don’t like you anymore!!! You’re too stupid for me!! But… (fake sweet) Chasey over here… he’s perfect for me!! He is… the complete opposite of you!!
Adam: (angry) YOU!! YOU STOLE MY GIRL!! AGAIN!!!
Chase: I didn’t!!
Brooke: (fake sweet) Chasey… Don’t you remember, where you ask me in the cafeteria to be your girlfriend?
Chase: I remember
Brooke: (fake sweet) And now is your chance
Chase: Really?
Brooke: (fake sweet) Yes
Chase: Would you be my girlfriend Brooke?
Brooke: (fake sweet) Yes!! I’d love to
Chase: Sorry Adam, but… I was waiting my whole life long for this moment!!!
Brooke: (mean) We know each other since 6 month and 2 of them, I was Adam’s girlfriend
Chase: I know, but I waited my whole life for a girl like you
Brooke: (mean) Why a girl like me?
Chase: A girl, who understands how I am!! A girl, who has to handle the same problems as I!!
Brooke: (mean) I understand how you feel, but I’m not a prisoner!! You are!!
Chase: No relationship is perfect!!
Adam: (angry) MINE WAS!! UNTIL YOU RUIN IT!!
Bree: And don’t forget, that she wents evil
Adam: (angry) THAT TOO!!
Chase: I didn’t meant too!!
Brooke: (fake sweet) Oh.. you did Chasey bear
Bree: I gotta throw up!!
Brooke: (mean) Jealious?
Bree: On you?

Brooke nods

Bree: No!! Why should I?
Brooke: (mean) I’m perfect!!
Bree: You’re not!! You are just some random girl, that thinks, she’s something she’s not!!
Brooke: (mean) Well, than I’m that, but I’m still more confident, than you ever will be!!

Donovan House | Marcus’ room

Marcus plays with his console. Brooke walks in

Marcus: I don’t get, what the boys like so much about this
Brooke: Well, I got the broken Adam
Marcus: That’s good!!
Brooke: I’m over here!!

Marcus presses pause and looks at Brooke

Marcus: And?
Brooke: AND.. A Chase, who listen to everything I say!!
Marcus: That’s great!!

Mr. Donovan walks in

Mr. Donovan: What’s great?
Marcus: Chase will do everything Brooke says
Mr. Donovan: Why?
Brooke: He’s my new boyfriend
Mr. Donovan: What about Adam?
Brooke: I broke him!
Mr. Donovan: You broke up with him?
Brooke: That too
Mr. Donovan: Wait… That means we can do anything with Chase, what we want?
Brooke: No!! Anything that I want!!
Mr. Donovan: And you are part of team Donovan, that means we!!
Brooke: Okay fine… WE want!!
Mr. Donovan: Good girl!!

Donovan Lab

Adam: I still don’t get how you could do this to me
Chase: I’m sorry! But around her…
Bree: You act like an idiot?!
Chase: Yes… She makes me feel a way, I’d never felt before…
Adam: Same with me…
Bree: I know, Brooke is special, but the OLD Brooke was special!! That Brooke is an evil rat
Adam: Don’t call her that!!
Bree: She called us rats too!!
Adam: Cuz somehow we are!!
Bree: So is she!!
Chase: She’s a superhuman too!!! She’s bionic!!
Chase: Good!!
Bree: Chase!! Don’t let her win the control over you!!
Chase: Never!!
Bree: It’s not, like you can choose Chase!!
Chase: I’ll try!!
Bree: Good!!
Adam: But she has that special ability, to manipulate people, without them knowing it
Bree: (annoyed) Wow. You finally said something smart!!
Adam: Really!? What did I say??

Bree hits her head

Adam: What was that?
Bree: A facepalm
Adam: Huh?
Bree: If someone says something so stupid, that you don’t have any words to say… like NOW!!!
Adam: What’s now?

Bree hits her head

Bree: That hurts….

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