Chase: Say it!!!
Brooke: Our bionics don’t work…
Chase: What do you mean??
Brooke: Like you said, you are SUPPOST to be the smartest person, but you’re not and I’m suppost to be the strongest human alive, but I couldn’t open the door with the help of other strong bionics!!
Chase: What does that mean??
Brooke: Wow… You’re dumber than Adam without your bionics!!!
Debby: We’re trapped!!
Chase: What do you mean?
Chase: We’re gonna die!! We’re gonna die!!!

Davenport lab

Leo: They should’ve been back by now...
Big D: Someone has to look for them!!
Leo: And who? You sent all bionics on Team Davenport out
Big D: But one of them has a family
Leo: And I hope you’re not planning on sending A-F out
Big D: Nope!! I could never risk their life!!! I’m talking about Spencer and Marcus
Leo: Do you have their number??
Big D: Brooke left her phone *takes it and dials Spencers number*
Spencer: (on the phone) He-
Big D: Don’t!! It’s me Donald Davenport, Brooke and the rest need help!
Spencer: (on the phone) What happened??
Big D: The mission failed. They are stucked in Facility X and we lost contact
Spencer: (on the phone) On my way
Big D: Before you hang up, can you call Marcus
Spencer: (on the phone) I’m on it *hangs up*

10 minutes later

Marcus and Spencer superspeed enter

Spencer: Where are they??
Big D: Frozen Tundra…
Spencer: WHAT!?!?
Big D: I know, that you’re bionic, so!! Let’s get ready!!!

Facility X

Adam sits against the wall, Brooke has her head on Adam’s shoulder, Bree has her head on Brooke’s shoulder. Chase sits next to Bree and Debby has her head on his shoulder. Dr. Evans sits farer away from them

Chase: (scared) We’re gonna die!! We’re gonna die!!!
Adam: Yepp, I think you’re right
Chase: (scared) How can you say that??
Adam: You do know me, right??


Spencer: Where is the entrance??
Marcus: I don’t know!!
Spencer: Do you have any useful abilities??
Marcus: Scanvision??
Spencer: Use it!!
Marcus: *uses his scanvision* There *points at the entrance*

Marcus and Spencer superspeed to the entrace

Spencer: Do you have superstrengh??
Marcus: Yes. Do you??
Spencer: Nope… Brooke has all the fun stuff
Marcus: Heat vision?
Spencer: Yes
Marcus: Melt the snow! And I get rid of the rocks

20 minutes later

Spencer: So Marcus, open the door
Marcus: *opens the door* Here you go!!

They enter

Spencer: BROOKE!!
Brooke: *gets up* SPENCER!? *runs up to him and hugs him*
Spencer: Why didn’t you break out??
Brooke: Our bionics didn’t work
Marcus: Does your brother get a hug too??
Brooke: *lets go of Spencer and hugs Marcus* Of course
Marcus: *hugs her back* My babysis

Something starts beeping

Debby: *gets up* What is that??

The rest gets up


Everyone screams

Brooke: Dr. Evans!!

Dr. Evans climbs on Brooke’s back. Chase climbs on Debby.

Debby: Seriously? You choose the smallest out of all??
Adam: *climbs on Bree* Perfect match
Bree: Better that Adam on your back
Marcus: I don’t wanna interrupt anything, but THIS THING IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE!!!

Everyone superspeeds out of the building. The building explodes.

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