Donovan house | kitchen

Donovan: So, how far do you get them?
Brooke: Adam and Chase hate each other and Chase would do anything I want
Donovan: Then we can take the next step
Marcus: And that would be?
Donovan: Destroy them (evil laugh)
Brooke: OR
Donovan: Or what?
Brooke: Turn them evil
Donovan: I don’t need an stupid strong boy, like an empty box
Brooke: Did you talk to Perry?
Donovan: Why would you think that?
Brooke: That’s what Perry calls Adam
Donovan: Okay fine! I was in school
Brooke: Why?
Donovan: To make you two free from school
Brooke & Marcus: (happy) Yeayyyyy (jump up and down)
Donovan: (angry) STOP IT!!!
Brooke & Marcus: Oooo-

Donovan looks mean at them

Brooke & Marcus: kay


Donovan: What’s your plan, Brighthead?
Brooke: Chase will do anything to make me happy
Donovan: Go on
Brooke: We make him to one of us. We fix his mind
Donovan: Me likey
Brooke: NO!! JUST DON’T!!!!

Donovan Lab

Brooke enters and walks over to Adam, Bree and Chase

Chase: (flirty) Hey Brooke
Brooke: (mean) Shut up
Chase: Okay
Brooke: (fake sweet) Chase… I need you to do something
Chase: Yes…
Brooke: Join our side (Marcus and Donovan appear)
Bree: CHASE!! DON’T!!
Chase: I do
Brooke: (happy) Great (turns to Marcus and Donovan)(mean) Let’s go on

Marcus anesthetized Chase. Chase faints. Marcus tries to get Chase out of his cage.

Marcus: BROOKE!! Please help me!!
Brooke: (mean) Little Marcus needs help from his babysis
Marcus: (mean) JUST HELP ME!!!
Brooke: (annoyed) Fine…

Brooke walks over to Marcus and helps him to carry Chase to the table and they put him on the table.

Marcus: (breathless) He is heavier than I thought
Brooke: (mean) Such a baby

Donovan starts to work on Chase

1 hour later

Donovan: I’m finished!!!

Chase wakes up. Brooke walks over to him.

Brooke: (mean) How do you feel?
Chase: (mean) EVIL!!
Brooke: (mean) That means?
Chase: (mean) I’m a bad boy
Bree: Oh no… It’s almost worst than Spike

Brooke turns to Bree

Brooke: Spike?
Bree: Who’s Spike?
Adam: Bree, you know who Spike is!!
Bree: NO!! No I don’t!!
Adam: Chase’s commando app, when he gets to upset he turns into that awesome killermachine
Brooke: Really?
Adam: Yes
Bree: ADAM!!!
Adam: BREE!!!
Bree: Brooke, please don’t tell Donovan please
Brooke: (looking at Bree)Of course I won’t tell Donovan. (Bree looks relieved) DADDY (Bree looks afraid), I GOT SOMETHING INTERESTING FOR YOU!!
Bree: You said, you won’t tell Donovan!!
Brooke: (mean) I didn’t! I told my dad!!
Donovan: Yes Sweety

Brooke turns to Donovan and walks toward them

Brooke: (mean) Chase!!
Chase: Yes, Sweetheart
Brooke: Tell him about Spike

2 hours later

Chase: That’s it
Donovan: Interessting
Chase: I hope, I could help
Donovan: Yes… you could… (to Brooke) Get him away from me!! As in NOW!!!
Brooke: Come with me Chasy Chase (grabs his arm and brings him to his cage and locks him in) It’s for your own good, trust me
Chase: (happy) Okay


Bree: Let me guess, you tell everything we say to Brooke
Chase: Yes
Adam: So we better don’t tell, that I can break out?
Bree: ADAM!!!

Adam breaks the cage and gets out and walks over to Brookes capsule.

Bree: SHUT UP!!!
Adam: OKAY!!!!! (takes Brookes scarf and puts it on)

Adam walks over to Bree’s cage and breaks it open

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