Lora, Brooke, Bree and Dana sit on the beds. Bree’s phone rings. She answers.

Bree: Yes? *becomes pale and drops the phone*
Brooke: (scared) What’s wrong??
Bree: The kids run away
Brooke & Lora: *get up* WHAT!!?!?
Bree: Yes…
Brooke: Let’s go!!
Dana: Do you have a clue, where thy could be?
Brooke: No
Bree: They never really left the house alone
Lora: Cody did once
Dana: I could do a locator spell
Brooke: Do it!!!
Dana: I need somethimg from them, like a T-shirt
Bree: I don’t have any here
Lora: Neither do I
Brooke: Bree! We can superspeed to the house
Bree: Yea, but what about Spencer?
Brooke: He can superspeed himself
Dana: Don’t you wanna tell him
Brooke: Yea, right (in her mind) Spencer? Can you here me?
Spencer: (In his room) Who was that?
Marcus: Who was who?
Spencer: It sounded like Brooke in my mind
Marcus: Oh, yeah she can communicate over her minds
Brooke: (In her room/In her mind) The kids run away
Spencer: (In his room) WHAT!?
Marcus: What happened?
Spencer: The kids run away
Marcus: That’s not good!! Oh, and when you wanna answer her, you need to think it and NOT scream it out loud
Spencer: (In his mind) WHAT!?!
Brooke: (In her mind) Davenport house! Now!!!

5 minutes later

Big D: Someone. Left the door open
Brooke: BIG D!!
Big D: Okay, it was me
Dana: I need a t-shirt from one of them!!
Bree: *superspeeds to them* Here *hands Dana the t-shirt*
Dana: Thanks *lies the t-shirt on the table*
Lora: Do you need anything else?
Dana: Silence
Lora: Okay. I’m downstairs screaming at Adam *leaves*
Bree: Need anything else?
Dana: A map
Brooke: *superspeeds away and superspeeds back* Here *puts the map opened on the table*
Dana: *concentrates* The kids run away oh no, show us on the map, where they go

A red point appears on the map

Brooke: Is that?
Dana: That’s where-
Bree: Danielle is?
Dana: Yes
Brooke: Her point moves fast
Debby: *superspeeds towards them* Did you find them?
Brooke: The red point is Danielle
Debby: She’s moving fast
Bree: She has superspeed and I think she’s faster than me
Brooke: Bu not faster than me and Debby
Debby: Let’s go!!!

The Forest

Debby & Brooke: DANIELLE!?!?

A bush is moving

Brooke: *superspeeds towards it* It’s Fariba
Debby: *superspeeds to her* What’s wrong?
Fariba: I’m stuck
Brooke: Debby, you free her and I keep looking! Fariba. You did come with the rest, did you?
Fariba: Yes
Brooke: Good!! *superspeeds away*
Debby: Let’s free you *starts to free Fariba*

With the kids

Ariana: Are you sure, that’s the right way?
Brandon: I don’t know
Ariana: I was talking to Elena
Elena: I don’t know…
Ariana: Seriously?
Cody: Where’s Fariba?
Danielle: You lost Fariba?
Cody: You didn’t watch out for too or did you?
Danielle: (mocking voice) Or did you?
Ariana: GUYS!! I wanna go home!!!

With Brooke

Brooke: (In her mind) Ariana? Brandon?
Brandon: I think I have a voice in my head…
Ariana: That’s mommy, she must have a mind comunic-
Cody: Stop talking!! Try to tell her where we are
Brooke: (In her mind) Can you hear me?
Ariana: (In her mind) I can
Brooke: (sighs)(In her mind) Where are you?

10 minutes later

Davenport house

Spencer and Brooke hug Ariana and Brandon. Lora and Adam hug Cody. Bree hugs Danielle. Debby hugs Elena. Chase hugs Fariba.

5 minutes later

The kids sit on the couch

Brooke: What were you thinking?
Ariana: We missed you
Brandon: For once I agree with her
Danielle: And so did I
Fariba: And I
Lora: What about you Cody?
Cody: I wanted to see you!! I need more than just my dad
Adam: That wasn’t nice!! I don’t even know my mom
Debby: But all of this doesn’t explain, why you run away Elena!!
Elena: I missed you
Debby: What do you mean?
Elena: You’re so busy with Delly and Nanny, that you don’t have time for me and when they made their plans, I just decided to go with them, so I’m not alone
Debby: I’m sorry Elena *hugs her* I make more free time for you
Elena: *hugs her back* (smiling) Thanks mom

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