Mission Creek High School | Hallway

Adam, Bree, Chase, Brooke, Debby, Nanny, Marcus, Spencer and Lora stand together

Brooke: Leo, we haven’t seen you with Lola lately
Leo: Cuz we broke up
Brooke: Why?
Leo: You
Brooke: I thought, you’re over me
Leo: No!! I mean because she didn’t like you and you’re like a sister to me and
Brooke: I got it!!
Chase: But who is that?? *points at a girl*
Brooke: *uses her identical app* That’s Delany Rivers, a transffer from New York
Nanny: How do you know?
Brooke: I heard that a new girl is coming. I go talk to her
Marcus: Brooke Holden, the welcome committee
Brooke: Oh shut up Marcus!! *walks off and towards Delany* Hey
Delany: *closes her locker* Hey, you’re the first one, who talks to me here
Brooke: I know, how it is to be new
Delany: To the end of the school year?
Brooke: Okay… Not in that way. But 5 years ago I was the new one
Delany: How old are you?
Brooke: 19
Delany: Did you repeat a year?
Brooke: Yea… Kinda.. But not because of my bad grades, cuz they weren’t bad…
Delany: Why then?
Brooke: I’m a freak
Delany: Why?
Brooke: I’m a mother of twins
Delany: I love babys
Brooke: (surprised) You do?
Delany: Yes!! And I totally get you
Brooke: Why?
Delany: I just had a baby… But my parents took her away from me…
Brooke: I’m so sorry for you
Delany: It’s okay
Brooke: There are more teen parents at the school. Come!!

Brooke and Delany walk over to the gang

Brooke: Guys, that’s Delany
Delany: Hey guys
Debby: Hey, I’m Debby and those are my cousins/adoptive sibs/adoptive cousins and their partners
Delany: Who what now?
Debby: That’s *points at Adam and Lora* Adam and his girlfriend Lora. That’s *points at Nanny* my best friend Nanny. That’s *points at Chase* Chase and that’s *points at Spencer and Marcus* Brooke’s husband Spencer and her brother Marcus and that’s *points at Leo* Leo
Delany: Now I get it!!
Bree: Where do you live?
Delany: Some call it “Rich Hill mountains” and all the rich people live there
Leo: Hey, that’s were we live
Delany: Seriously?
Brooke: Well, they live there!!! Spencer and I have our own apartment in the city
Marcus: And I live alone…
Delany: You do? Why?
Brooke: Cuz I’m his only family and I’m married and have a family

After school | With Marcus and Bree

Marcus: So… Bree
Bree: What’s up, Marcus??
Marcus: I…
Bree: You… what??
Marcus: *kisses her*
Bree: *kisses him surprised back*

They pull apart

Bree: What was that about??
Marcus: Sorry… But I’m kinda in love with you
Bree: Wha- I’m Brooke’s best friend
Marcus: I know… but.. you’re the first girl I like since… what was her name again?
Bree: Nina?
Marcus: Yea, I think…
Bree: See Marcus… It’s never gonna work. You tried to destroy me and Brooke is like a sister to me and it just would be weird
Marcus: Why does everything has to be about perfect Brooke??
Bree: Brooke isn’t perfect. She’s far from perfect
Marcus: But she seems to be
Bree: She’s not!
Marcus: But she is so nice and such a great mom
Bree: A lot of training
Marcus: I gotta go *superspeeds away*
Bree: MARCUS!!

With Debby

Debby: How long do you going to be on Mission Creek High?
Delany: For a year
Nanny: That means, you're going to graduate with us??
Delany: Yes
Debby: So we’re Debby Davenport, Nanny Holt and Delany Rivers, the awesomest students of Mission Creek High School
Delany: *laughs* Sure, why not
Nanny: I agree with rich girl
Delany: First day and already a nickname that has something to do with my money. Or better my parents money
Nanny: Get used to it!! Cuz that school is far from ordinary

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