Dormroom F101

Bree lies in her bed and Brooke lies in her’s across from her. Bree throws a basketball to Brooke.

Bree: I’m soo bored…
Brooke: So am I *keeps the basketball in the air with her molecular kinesis*
Sarah: *enters and sees the basketball flying in the air* *screams*
Brooke: *stops using molecular kinesis* Sarah!!
Sarah: I gotta go *about to leave*
Brooke: *superspeeds to the door*
Sarah: (scared) Please let me leave!!
Brooke: We’re not evil!!
Bree: We?
Sarah: SHE’S TOO??
Bree: Thanks for telling her, genius!!
Brooke: We’re heroes!! We protected the world so many times from getting destroyed!!
Sarah: (scared) Please let me leave
Brooke: *stares into her eyes* You won’t tell anyone what happened!!
Sarah: Why are you staring at me??
Bree: I think she’s immune
Sarah: What are you talking about?
Brooke: *scans her* You have a chip
Bree: What do you mean??
Brooke: That’s a immunity chip
Bree: Is your dad a scientist or inventor??
Sarah: Yes, why?
Bree: That’s why Brooke can’t compel you!!
Brooke: *shuts a paralyzing laser at her*
Sarah: Why are your eyes blue?
Brooke: Your not paralized?
Sarah: No… Should I?
Brooke: Yes!! You’re immune to every ability
Sarah: What do you mean?
Bree: To you happened the same thing as it did to us! Just that nothing can kill you
Brooke: Please don’t tell!!
Sarah: I won’t!!

Dormroom F102

Lora and Dana sit in Lora’s bed. Samantha enters

Sam: Hey guys
Dana: Hey
Sam: By the way… What are your names?
Dana: Dana Einstein
Lora: Lora Kennedy
Sam: I’m Samantha Holt
Lora: Holt?
Sam: Yes, why?
Lora: Like Nanny Holt?
Sam: My little sister
Lora: I think she has a thing for my boyfriends brother
Sam: Seriously? Who is your boyfriends brother?
Lora: My boyfriend is Adam and his brother is Chase Davenport
Sam: I heard that name before
Lora: He sits everytime in the cafeteria with Dana and me
Sam: Seriously?
Dana: Yes

Lunch at MCU

Brooke, Bree, Sarah, Chase, Spencer, Marcus and Dana sit at the table

Bree: Where’s Lora?
Dana: There

Lora walks over to the table with Samantha and both sit down

Lora: That’s Samantha
Sam: Just call me Sam
Lora: She’s Nanny’s sister
Chase: You are?
Sam: Just like she said!!

Davenport house

Adam: I miss Bree and Chase… Wow.. that’s something I never would’ve thought to say
Debby: I miss them too
Nanny: I got a text from my sis that she’s roomies with Dana Einstein and Lora Kennedy
Adam: I think that’s my Lora
Delany: It is your Lora!!
Debby: How’d you know?
Delany: I once talked to her and I met her on MCU
Adam: You were to MCU and didn’t tell me?
Debby: Sorry?
Adam: I should’ve gone to college
Debby: Best joke ever Adam *laughs* Nobody ever thought, that you make High School
Adam: But all my siblings are there and my girlfriend…
Debby: Someone has to be here for Cody
Adam: I think you’re right…
Delany: What about Ariana and Brandon? Spencer and Brooke are both in college
Debby: They are much stronger than Cody
Adam: Ehm.. Cody has my ability!! That means, he’s strong
Debby: But sensitive and he needs at least his dad around
Nanny: Who needs a dad? In fact who needs family at all? *leaves the terrasse and sits down in the living room*
Debby: Let’s follow her

They follow Nanny and sit down next to her

Delany: What’s wrong?
Nanny: *tries not to cry* My parents left me behind. They took off
Debby: I’m so sorry… Did you tell your sister??
Nanny: So she comes back to stay with me?! Not gonna happen!!
Debby: I’m back in a sec *leaves for the lab*

Davenport lab

Debby: Dad?
Big D: That’s the first time you call me that
Debby: I want to ask you, if Nanny can move in?
Big D: Why?
Debby: Her parents took off and she doesn’t want that her sister drops out of college
Big D: I don’t know…
Debby: You took Brooke in, Bree’s best friend. Why can’t you take my best friend in?
Big D: Debby, I just don’t think, it’s such an great idea
Debby: Just because she’s not bionic?
Big D: It’s not that
Debby: Then what is it?

Big D doesn’t answer.

Debby: You’re less than a dad than ever before, when you weren’t there for me!!! *leaves*


Debby: I’m going to stay with you Nanny, if it is okay with you
Nanny: If it is okay with your dad
Debby: I’m sure, that he doesn’t mind!! He hasn’t been there for me for 13 years, so what does another year matter

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