Davenport house | Living room

Tasha: I booked myself a personal trainer
Bree: Wow.. This time you’re not posing me as your’s
Tasha: No, not this time

The door bell rings

Debby: I’m not awnsering the door!! The last time my last boyfriend was infront of it
Bree: Got point!! *superspeeds to the door and opens it*
Efron: Am I right at the Davenport house?
Bree: Yea, I’m Bree Davenport
Efron: I’m looking for Tasha Davenport
Bree: And you are?
Efron: I’m Efron, personal trainer
Bree: Okay, Tasha just told us about you. Come in!!
Efron: *enters* Thanks
Big D: That’s *points briefly at Efron* your personal trainer??
Tasha: Yes. Can you wait here, I go change *goes upstairs*
Big D: Hey Efron, I’m Tasha’s husband
Efron: Nice to meet you, Mr. Davenport
Big D: I gotta go to work so (whisphers in Debby’s ear) Keep an eye on him
Debby: Oh I will
Big D: Good *leaves*
Bree: I gotta go too. Let’s go Chase and Adam *leaves with them*
Debby: You can sit down, if you want
Efron: Sure *sits down*
Debby: *sits down* How old are you??
Efron: 28. You?
Debby: 17
Efron: Young. Really young
Debby: Not that young!!!
Efron: Yes, you are
Debby: Okay, fine… I’m the youngest here
Efron: *kisses her*
Debby: *kisses him back*

They pull apart

Debby: I thought, I’m young, really young
Efron: *kisses her again*
Debby: *kisses him back*

They pull apart. Tasha comes downstairs

Tasha: Let’s get started
Efron: *gets up* Sure, then let’s go
Debby: Bye

Tasha and Efron leave. Debby lies down.

Debby: What is that? *picks it up* Oh my, Efron forgot his phone *superspeeds upstairs and superspeeds downstairs in her training suit*


Debby superspeeds to Tasha and Efron

Debby: Hey
Tasha: *screams* Debby, oh my- you scared me to hell!!
Debby: Sorry… *takes the phone from her pocket* I think, you lost that *hands it to Efron*
Efron: *takes it* Thanks. How did you find us?? And how can you be so fast??
Debby: A lot of training and that’s just who I am! Gotta go!! *runs off*

Holden apartment

Doorbell rings

Brooke: I get it!! *gets up*
Spencer: No, sit down again!!
Brooke: In a sec *superspeeds to the door and opens it* Debby? Hey, what you’re doing here?
Debby: Can I come in?
Brooke: Sure!! *walks in direction living room* Spence, clear the living room!!
Debby: *walks in and closes the door*
Spencer: Why?
Brooke: Do you wanna listen to girl drama

Spencer superspeeds out of the room

Brooke: *laughs* Just as I thought. Come, sit down *sits down*
Debby: Thanks *sits down next to her*
Brooke: So, what’s up?
Debby: I think, I’m in love..
Brooke: Debby, that’s awesome!!
Debby: He’s 28
Brooke: (shocked) What?!
Debby: And Tasha’s personal trainer…
Brooke: Debby…
Debby: I know… but we kissed and it felt so right…
Brooke: Debby, that’s illegal!! He can go to jail for that!!
Debby: Okay, I end it!! You’re right!!
Brooke: Good!! Come here *hugs her*
Debby: *hugs her back* Thanks, I needed that

Next Day
Efron’s apartment

Debby and Efron are making out

Efron: You’re not allowed to tell anyone!!
Debby: I only mention it to Brooke, my step-sister. BUT I said, that I end it
Efron: Doesn’t seems like you did!!
Debby: I was lying!!
Efron: Are you good in that??
Debby: You can say, that this is an ability of mine

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