Davenport house

Marcus and Brooke enter

Brooke: Wo… *sits down*
Marcus: What a day *sits down next to her*

Adam, Bree and Chase enter the living room

Adam, Bree and Chase: (happy) Heyyy
Brooke: (happy) Heyyy, (normal) we’re not related
Adam: What do you mean?
Brooke: I was never dating my brothers. Somehow good to know
Bree: Bu-?
Brooke: We were-

Door bell rings

Bree: *opens the door* Hi, how can I help you?
Delena: Hi, my name is Delena-
Brooke: *gets up and walks to the door* Davenport?
Delena: Yes. How’d you know?
Brooke: Let’s just say your brother stole me and my twin-brother from our family and we found that out, when we were visiting him in jail
Delena: Douglas?
Chase: Who is Douglas?
Brooke: Big D’s little brother
Chase: Wait a sec-
Bree: Davenport, ehm Big D Davenport is Adam’s, Chasa’s and my uncle?
Brooke: Yes, and that’s your aunt
Delena: I think Dougy left something out
Brooke: What?
Delena: I’m his twin-sister
All: WHAT!?
Marcus: How?
Delena: Let’s just say, that Donny and Dougy always have been crazy inventors/scientists
Adam: You’re a vampire?
Delena: No, like one. I don’t age
Brooke: When you think, they can’t get crazier BAM they did

Big D enters

Big D: Who was that at the- (shocked) Delena?
Delena: *enters* Hey Donny
Big D: Hey Delly and stop calling me Donny!!
Delena: Why should I? I’m stuck in the body of a 15 year old!!
Big D: Yea, sorry about that…
Delena: By the way, BEAU

Beau enters

Delena: That’s my boyfriend
Beau: Nice to meet you
Big D: So you’re dating my babysis
Delena: Donny! He knows
Big D: Knows what?
Beau: That she’s not just 15. That she is stucked in the body of a 15 year-old and that you’re a crazy inventor
Big D: Wow…
Beau: Oh and that you create bionic teens

Debby superspeeds in the living room

Beau: Like her
Debby: Oh my-
Big D: Calm down Debby, he knows about you
Debby: Okay, but one question is there. Who the heck are you?
Delena: I’m your aunt. Donald’s little sister, who’s stopped aging with 15
Debby: Wo… That family is crazy!! Gotta go!!! *leaves*
Brooke: Yea, I better leave too. There is a lot, that I ave to explain to Spencer *leaves*

Next Day

With Brooke and Spencer | On the way to the Davenport house

Spencer: *driving* And that’s the whole story?
Brooke: Until now. I don’t know how many stuff they hid from us
Spencer: And now, my family isn’t as crazy as I thought
Brooke: That is your family now. Oh and Cecilia invited us to dinner with the twins
Spencer: Are you sure, that this is such a great idea?
Brooke: What do you mean?
Spencer: Let me think! Two bionic 2-year-olds behaving like 4 or 5 year olds with superhuman abilities. No problem there
Ariana: We can behave boring. We’re been around Chase
Brandon: Who’s Chase?
Brooke: Guys, you really can behave like two NORMAL 2-year-olds?
Ariana & Brandon: YES!!
Brooke: Problem solved
Spencer: Oh boy…

After school

Efron’s apartment

Debby and Efron sit on the couch cuddling

Efron: So, what do you wanna do?
Debby: I don’t know.. There is not much of a choice
Efron: I know…
Debby: Let’s just *kisses him*
Efron: *kisses her back* I like that


Holden apartment

Brooke sits down on the couch next to Spencer

Brooke: That wasn’t that bad
Spencer: Did you see how judgy she looked at me. Like I’m some criminal
Brooke: There is nothing she can change between us *lies her head down on his chest* The wedding is over and the twins are born
Spencer: *puts his arms around her* I hope so
Brooke: Yes!!!

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