The gang is sitting on the couch

Bree: Soo… What did you do yesterday?
Adam: I’m with Lora now. Thank you Brooke, you are a genuis
Brooke: No problem
Chase: I spend the day with Aria
Debby: I was on a party and danced with a guy
Brooke: What’s his name?
Debby: I don’t know
Brooke: Did you kiss?
Debby: I don’t know
Brooke: Where you drunk?
Debby: Maybe…
Brooke: That explains it
Debby: Please don’t tell my dad
Bree: (in Davenports voice) Tell dad what?

Debby screams. Adam, Bree, Brooke, Chase and Leo are laughig

Debby: Okay… Who was that? Brooke or Bree?
Bree: It was me!!

5 minutes later

They are laughing

30 minutes later

They are still laughing

Debby: STOP IT!!!

They stop laughing

Leo: Can we just have oe fun day, please?
Bree: What do you mean?
Leo: One day without boy-/girlfriends. Do you know why? I DON’T HAVE ONE!!!
Debby: Good idea!! I don’t have one either!!! Boyfriend! I don’t have a BOYFRIEND!!!!
Brooke: What about a day in a free time park?
Adam: Great idea!! But is Chase tall enough to ride the rollercoaster? (laughs)
Chase: You do know, that the girls are all smaller than me!!!
Adam: Sorry….

The free time park

The gang enters the park

Brooke: What do we gonna do first?
Adam: Have fun!! (runs off)
Chase: We should follow him!!!

They are following Adam. They stop in front of a rollercoaster.

Bree: It’s stuck
Brooke: Wait (walks to the start of the line) What’s wrong here?
Man: The rollercoaster stucked in the middle of the ride and we can’t fix it.
Brooke: That’s bad (walks away)
Chase: What’s wrong?
Brooke: They can’t fix the stuck rollercoaster
Debby: But maybe we can….
Chase: Debby is right!! We can fix it!!
Brooke: Let’s go!!
Adam: Why?
Brooke: Mission suites
Adam: I love those suites
Brooke: Than let’s go!!

The gang leaves for changing in their suites

Bree: We need something to cover our faces
Debby: Masks?
Bree: Yes!!
Debby: NO!! Over there are masks!!!

The put the masks on
They run out of the hut

Chase: Okay guys… Leo distracting the crowd. Adam, Bree and Debby try to get the people out of the rollercoaster. Brooke and I try to fix the rollercoaster.
Debby: Let’s go!! (they run off)

Leo dances weird

Adam, Bree and Debby climb up the rollercoaster

Adam: Hello, we are from planet earth
Bree: They’re from earth too
Debby: Acctually, WE ARE STILL ON EARTH!!!!
Bree: We are trying to help you out of here

Adam breaks the seat belts open, Debby gets them out and Bree brings them down

Chase: Brooke?
Brooke: Yes…
Chase: Cut the blue wire
Brooke: That would blow the whole thing up!! We need to type something into the computer!
Chase: And what?
Brooke: You are the smart one, I thought
Chase: BROOKE!!!
Brooke: Is everybody out?
Chase: How do I know?
Brooke: I’m talking to Bree!! Okay thanks BREE!! Eerybody is out
Chase: What to type in?
Brooke: A code in 2 seconds
Chase: You can do it!!

Brooke types in a code. The rollercoaster starts rolling and stops down. Adam, Bree, Brooke, Chase, Debby and Leo run off

The Davenport house

The gang crashes into the couch. Big D walks in

Big D: How was your day?
Debby: We saved a free time park
Brooke: Althrough we wanted a normal day…
Big D: You are anything else, than normal. Even Leo

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