The Davenport house

Davenport/Dooley/Donovan family enters the house. Adam crashes on the couch.

Debby: AU!!!
Debby: NO!! THAT WAS ME!!! (gets up)
Tasha: Who is that?
Debby: I’m right here!!
Tasha: Who are-
Debby: I was going to move in, (angry) 4 days ago!!!
Big D: I’m soo sorry, I forgot!!!
Tasha: When do you planned on telling me!?
Debby: Who is that?
Big D: Your Stepmom
Debby: You’re married?
Tasha: You have a daughter!?
Big D: You have a son!!
Tasha: But you knew about him!!
Big D: And?!
Tasha: First them (points at Adam, Bree and Chase) and now her (points at Debby)
Brooke: Good!! At least I’m not a reason to be mad at
Tasha: Yea, you’re right!! You don’t!! Could you leave me and Donald alone for a sec???
Big D: You guys, go to the lab. Show Debby where it is!! She is just like… Brooke
Adam: That means?
Debby: I explain in the lab

The gang and Debby are entering the lab

Chase: So you got all abilities like Brooke??
Debby: Yes
Brooke: I think Donovan and Davenport were fighting about being the best… with us….
Debby: Yeah, I think so… But I think it’s great!! I’m really cool!!!
Brooke: Yeah, I’m too!!
Chase: Stop bragging about you!! I’m not doing it- now
Adam: Yeah, bragging is Chase’ job
Bree: So Debby, how old are you?
Debby: 14. One year younger than Chase
Chase: Really? I don’t remember you
Adam: Neither do I and I was 3
Bree: I was 2 and I don’t remember Debby
Brooke: I don’t know her at all and I kinda think that she’s cool
Debby: Thank you!! You are really cool too!!!
Brooke: Thanks!!

1 hour later

Debby: And? Are you dating someone?
Adam: (looks at Brooke) No
Bree: Not at the moment
Chase: (looks at Brooke) Nope
Leo: No… Not since Janelle
Debby: Brooke?
Brooke: No… I had 2 though relationships and I still can’t get over it…
Debby: Why?
Brooke: Long story…
Adam: No it’s not!! Brooke and I were dating, than she turned evil, she broke up with me, she started dating Chase, we fond out that we are siblings, we kissed and decided that this is not allowed to happen again and that’s it
Brooke: What part do you mean?
Bree: That part, where you were kissing AFTER you knew you are siblings!!
Adam: It was my fault!! I kissed her, because I can’t forget about her!!
Chase: I’m over her
Brooke: Autsch!!
Chase: Are you over me??
Brooke: Yes!!
Chase: Good!!!
Leo: Wow… (singing voice) Drama
Brooke: (angry) Shut up Leo
Debby: He’s right!! But it’s okay. As long as Davenport and Tasha doesn’t find out!!
Bree: And if it’s ending!! RIGHT NOW!!!
Brooke: I know, it has to, but I just can’t!!!
Bree: You get over him!!
Debby: Little question. Am I related to any of you?
Brooke: Not to me, kinda
Bree: Step sis
Chase: Step bro
Adam: Step bro
Bree: That means: Adam, Chase and I are adopted
Leo: Step bro
Debby: Okay, that means step sibs to everyone except Brooke
Brooke: I said kinda!! I’m half-sibs with Adam, Bree and Chase
Debby: Just say we are steps
Brooke: Yea, I got a new sister
Debby: Yupp
Adam: Hug?

All are hugging

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