MCU Cafetria

Bree, Brooke, Dana and Lora have lunch on a table

Dana: Where are the boys?
Lora: Kinda weird being the only human
Brooke: What about SNH
Lora: Except that
Bree: There’s Marcus talking to a girl
Brooke: The first since Nina
Bree: (high voice) Yeaa
Brooke: *looks at Bree* Is there something you didn’t tell me?
Bree: (high voice) No
Brooke: Spill it!!
Bree: Marcus made a move on me
Brooke: *spits her drink out* WHAT?!
Bree: I turned him down!! And it seems like he already moved on
Brooke: He better be!!!
Bree: I’ll go get more of that pudding!! I think I’m addicted *gets up and crashes into Mason* I’m so sorry
Mason: At least there wasn’t any pudding in it
Bree: Yet
Mason: I’m Mason
Bree: I’m Bree
Mason: Nice to meet you
Bree: Let me guess! British?
Mason: How did-?
Bree: My sister cousin adoptive sister or
Mason: Get to the point!!
Bree: Best friends husband is british
Mason: Really?
Bree: Yea, I can introduce you to them
Mason: Didn’t you wanted to get pudding?
Bree: Right!! *gets some pudding* Now we’re ready to go!!

Bree and Mason walk to the table

Bree: Guys, that’s Mason
Mason: Hey
Spencer: Another british guy here, great!!
Mason: Let me guess!! Best friends husband?
Spencer: I think so
Brooke: Guess that makes me the best friend! Hey, I’m Brooke
Spencer: Spencer
Bree: That’s my brothers girlfriend Lora and her best friend Dana

Marcus and Chase walk over

Marcus: Who’s your new friend?
Mason: I’m Mason
Brooke: My twin-brother Marcus
Marcus: You had to mention the twin part, did you?
Brooke: Yupp!! I’m happy to be a twin
Chase: And I’m Chase
Bree: My little brother, the genius
Mason: He skipped a grade?
Bree: No… I repeated one
Mason: That’s nothing to be ashamed of
Brooke: I repeated to
Lora: So did I
Dana: I just transffered to often, so I had to repeat
Mason: You all are freshmans?
Gang: Yes
Mason: I’m a sophomore
Bree: How old are you?
Mason: 21. You?
Bree: 20
Mason: Don’t you wanna sit down?
Bree: Right! *sits down* You can sit down here too
Mason: *sits down* Thanks

Mission Creek High School

Nanny: Have you talk to your sibs lately?
Debby: You mean Bree and Chase?
Nanny: Yea. How are they on college?
Debby: Do you wanna visit them?
Nanny: I don't have my driver's license
Debby: Neither do I… DELANY!!!
Delany: *walks up to them* Hey guys, what’s up?
Debby: Do you have your driver's license??
Delany: No… Why?
Debby: Nanny wants to visit Bree and Chase
Delany: I’m not allowed to have one

Avery passes them

Delany: But… AVERY!!!
Avery: *turns around* What do you want now?
Delany: Can you drive us to MCU?
Avery: Why?
Delany: Visiting Debby’s sibs
Avery: What’s in there for me?
Delany: The good feeling, that you helped your sister
Avery: Fine!! I’ll drive!!


Chase and Nanny run towards each other and kiss

Dormroom F101

Bree and Mason kiss

Brooke: Take a room
Bree: That’s my room
Brooke: I’m out!! *leaves* Sarah!! You don’t wanna go in there!!
Sarah: Bree has a boy?
Brooke: Yes
Sarah: Thanks for warning me!!

They walk off

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