Donovan Lab

Marcus and Donovan stand next to each other.

Brooke: What do you mean Dad!?
Mr. Donovan: I will fix your mind!!
Brooke: WHAT!?
Mr. Donovan: I make you think the way I want you to think
Marcus: Finally!!
Mr. Donovan: Not now, MARCUS!!
Brooke: What do you mean??
Mr. Donovan: (quietly to Marcus) Get her, Marcus!!
Marcus: (quietly to Donovan) Her bionics….
Mr. Donovan: (quietly to Marcus) They don’t work

Marcus runs in the direction, Brooke is standing. Brooke tries to run away with her superspeed, but they doesn’t work.

Brooke: What have you done to my bionics?
Mr. Donovan: Deactivied them
Brooke: WHAT?!

Marcus throws Brooke to the ground.

Marcus: Now I can beat you up!!!
Brooke: Wow… you beating up a girl… Daddy will be as proud…
Mr. Donovan: Ohh I am!!!


Brooke lies on a table, while Donovan put same cables at her

Brooke: Why am I so weak?
Mr. Donovan: Because I made you weak
Brooke: Wha- but why?
Mr. Donovan: That you can’t escape
Brooke: Why?
Mr. Donovan: That I can fix your mind
Brooke: NO!!!

Brooke loses the consciousness

2 hours later

Brooke wakes up, gets up and holds her head

Brooke: What happened?
Mr. Donovan: How you feel?
Brooke: I don’t know…
Mr. Donovan: What do you think about the Davenports??
Mr. Donovan: And how you make that?
Brooke: By using their trust in me!!!
Mr. Donovan: Good girl!! Daddy was never so proud of you before
Brooke: (mean) Sorry Adam, but you go down!!! (evil laugh)

Next Day at school

Brooke walks in and walks over to Adam, Bree and Chase

Brooke: (mean) Hey
Adam: Somethings wrong about your voice
Brooke: (mean) What do you mean?
Adam: You sound-
Leo: (angry) evil
Brooke: (mean/high voice) Whaaat?! (mean) I’m 100% me
Bree: Stop looking for the bad in EVERY person, Leo!!! Come with me Brooke

Bree and Brooke leave

Adam: I leave too

Adam leaves

Chase: I believe you, Leo! Something is wrong with her!!
Leo: I told you, she is Marcus’ twin sister
Chase: But they look nothing alike
Leo: I heard Marcus saying it! AND Brooke doesn’t say something else!!
Chase: What does they have in common?
Leo: The parents, the dark hair AND THEIR BIRTHDAY!!!
Chase: Okay… But that’s cool!! My best friend and my crush are siblings
Leo: That’s not cool!!! It’s not good at all!! Marcus is evil!! Now, Brooke is too!!!
Chase: She SOUNDS evil, but that doesn’t mean she IS evil!!!
Leo: SHE IS!! I thought she is nice after she saved my life, but guess what: She’s not!!
Chase: Wooh little man, let’s not get crazy!! She isn’t mean!!!
Leo: You said, you believe me!!
Chase: Yea, that somethings wrong with her!! NOT that she’s evil!!
Chase: No she’s not!!!
Leo: AND she knows what you are!!
Chase: And? Who cares? Just leave her alone!!

After School

Donovan Lab

Mr. Donovan sits on a table. In front of him are a lot of papers. In his hand he has a pencil. Brooke is walking through the lab. Marcus stands against the table.

Mr. Donovan: So Brooke, anything we can use against them?
Brooke: Well… Adam might be strong, but he’s really really really-

5 minutes later

Brooke: really really-
Mr. Donovan: Come to the point!!!
Brooke: Stupid!! And gets afraid easily
Mr. Donovan: What about Bree?
Brooke: She’s a girl! She doesn’t like dirt or her brothers
Mr. Donovan: Nothing we can use… Chase?
Brooke: He might be smart, but he’s not strong at all!! All he has is a force field!!
Mr. Donovan: Something else?
Brooke: Well… I’m a weakness of them. The boys are in love with me and Bree is my best friend. Oh… and they are glitching sometimes
Mr. Donovan: Finally something we can use!!!
Brooke: What about the rest?
Mr. Donovan: I mean for making them useless!! We can do something to their bionics!!
Brooke: Like ya did to me?
Mr. Donovan: Yes
Marcus: I can help
Brooke: No offense, but I’m just closer to them!
Marcus: I’m good friends with them!!
Brooke: BUT the boys are IN LOVE with me!!
Mr. Donovan: Point for Brooke!!!
Brooke: Thank you daddy

Davenport Lab

The family stands around the table

Big D: So… Leo got something to say
Leo: Yes!! We can NOT trust Marcus and Brooke!! They are evil!!
Adam: Sure, my rat is more evil than the both of them
Chase: Adam! You don’t have a rat!!
Adam: I know, but if I had one
Leo: I’m telling the truth!! They are working for some evil inventor
Big D: Do you know their last name?
Leo: No…
Big D: Did one of them ever mention their last name??
Adam: I guess, it was something with a D
Big D: Don’t you have a yearbook or something?
Bree: Yes we have, but their last name isn’t mentioned…
Chase: I can search the web
Big D: Do it!!
Tasha: Wow.. Supersmart and looking for an answer in the web
Big D: Honey… Not now!! It’s serious!!
Chase: I found something!!
Big D: And?
Chase: There are 5 families, were the kids are called Brooklyn and Marcus, BUT there is only ONE with twins and guess what? They live here!!
Adam: You got the wrong one!! Her name is Brooke, not Brooklyn
Chase: She mentioned once to me, that Brooke is a nickname
Big D: So? What’s the last name?
Chase: Donovan
Big D: WHAT!?
Tasha: You know that name?
Big D: It’s the name of my biggest enemy!! You need to stay away from them!!! They are evil!!
Adam: I don’t wanna stay away
Big D: But you have to!! She’s no good!!
Adam: But-
Big D: No but!! She is… I know it’s hard for you guys, specially from Brooke, but you have to!!
Bree: If I stay away from her, I got no-one left!! She is my best and only friend!!
Big D: I know and I’m sorry, but it’s for your own good!! Got it?
Adam, Bree and Chase: (sad) Got it!!!
Big D: Good!!

Big D, Tasha and Leo leave the lab

Adam: I don’t stay away from my little girl!!
Chase: I won’t either
Bree: Brooke is my only friend!! Do you think I am?
Adam: T-
Bree: That wasn’t a question!!
Adam: Oh…
Chase: GUYS!!! Focus!!
Bree: We continue seeing Brooke and Marcus?
Chase: Yes
Adam: Yes
Bree: Good?
Adam: And could you say that again with smaller words?
Bree: We still meet Brooke and Marcus!!
Adam: Yes!! I wanna see my girlfriend and I’m pretty sure Chase want to see her too, because he loves her
Chase: Yes

Bree and Adam look with a serious look at Chase

Chase: Wait… WHAT!?
Bree: You just admit, that you like Brooke
Adam: Love
Bree: Yes.. that you LOVE Brooke
Chase: Okay fine… I have feelings for her, okay?
Bree: Why you never say something?
Chase: ‘cause she is with Adam!!
Adam: And where is the problem?
Chase: I tried to make her break up with you, Adam….
Adam: You did WHAT?!
Chase: And I’m sorry…
Adam: You should be
Chase: She said no
Adam: GOOD!!!
Bree: Guys, calm down!! Brooke just texted me. She wrote: Meeting @ school, oky?
Adam: Answer: yes!
Bree: I already answered: C U in a sec

Mission Creek High School

Brooke holds her moblie, while Marcus sets the traps and Mr. Donovan makes the bionic interrupter

Brooke: They’re coming

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