The Davenport house, Tasha’s room

Marcus: What are you doing in this house?
Brooke: You don’t have to care!!
Marcus: I could tell Donovan about, you hanging out here!!
Brooke: Don’t!! Please!!
Marcus: Maybe he uses you as an undercover spy
Brooke: At frist: Spies do their work undercover and second: NO!!
Marcus: Wait… Adam is your boyfriend!!
Brooke: Marcus! I’m begging you!! Don’t tell dad!!
Marcus: He could be really useful!!
Brooke: They not allowed to know, that we are siblings!!
Marcus: If you forgot, we’re TWINS!!
Brooke: Slow down!! Be more quiet!!
Marcus: Right! Because if they know, that you’re related to me, they find out about the plan soon!!
Brooke: And if they do, I kick your butt again!!
Marcus: They won’t!! Oh by the way… Leo knows about me
Brooke: You’re threaten Leo??
Marcus: Yes!! It’s funny, because he didn’t can call for help
Brooke: It’s not funny!!
Marcus: It is!!
Brooke: No!!
Marcus: Did dumb already tell you, what he is?
Brooke: His name is Adam and no
Marcus: Try to get it out of him!!
Brooke: Why? You already know it!
Marcus: It could be helpful, if someone knows it offical
Brooke: Why don’t you try it? I’m not switching sides!!
Marcus: BECAUSE I’m not his girlfriend!!
Brooke: And if you would be…. That would be strange dude
Marcus: So.. You going to switch sides!! I promise that to you!!
Brooke: I will NOT switch sides and I NEVER help you or listen to you!!
Marcus: I’m going to tell Donovan!!
Brooke: You wouldn’t?!
Marcus: I would
Brooke: I’m not changing my mind!!
Marcus: We’ll see
Brooke: What do you mean?
Marcus: Wait till the afternoon!
Brooke: NO!! Tell me now!!
Marcus: I tell DONOVAN!!!
Brooke: You wouldn’t dare!!
Marcus: I would!! And I know, that you are good with all of the Davenport/Dooley pack
Brooke: What do you mean?
Marcus: Adam boyfriend, Bree best friend, Chase has a crush on you, Leo has a crush on you… So..
Brooke: So… What?!
Marcus: They would listen to you!!
Brooke: They would not!!
Marcus: They would!!!
Brooke: NO!! (leaves)

Leo hides in the bathroom. Brooke enters the living room. Marcus follows her.

Chase: Everything alright?
Marcus: Yes
Bree: Where do you know each other from?
Brooke: School!! (sits down next to Bree)
Adam: Heyy!! What about me?
Brooke: What do you mean?
Adam: Why don’t you sit down next to me?
Brooke: Because I wanna spend some time with my BFF
Chase: BFF??
Brooke: (sighs) Best Friend Forever… For one of the smartest people, you are really dumb!!
Chase: I’M NOT!!
All except Chase: YOU ARE!!!
Chase: I hate you!!
Adam: Finally we got something in common!!

Everyone looks at him

Adam: We both hate him!!


Adam, Bree and Chase left for the lab. Leo sits in the living room with Marcus and Brooke

Leo: I know your secret
Marcus: Keep dreaming
Leo: You both are related!!
Marcus: Good luck with proving it!!!
Brooke: (annoyed) Guys…. Please…
Marcus: We are twins!! (Chase enters) FYI!!
Chase: What means FYI??
Brooke: (sighs) For Your Information!! DUDE!! !Buy a text message lexicon!!
Chase: Is there such a thing lik-
Brooke: Just SHUT UP!!!!

Chase leaves

Brooke: He starts to step on my nerves
Marcus: Not only yours!!
Leo: You are evil twins!!! They HAVE to believe me!!!
Marcus: But they won’t!! They will believe everything BROOKE here will say
Brooke: I won’t say anything!!
Marcus: BROOKE!?
Brooke: MARCUS?!
Leo: LEO?!

Brooke and Marcus look at Leo

Leo: Sorry… WAIT!!! Why am I apologizing??
Marcus: Because you are dumb
Leo: No… It’s not it
Brooke: I go, look for someone more fun!!
Marcus: Where?
Brooke: (annoyed) EVERYWHERE!! But here!!! (leaves the house)
Marcus: It seems like it’s just you and me
Leo: (afraid) I do not feel so comfortable with that
Marcus: Really?? (shots out a laser)

Leo screams like a girl. Marcus leaves. Adam, Bree and Chase come into the living room.

Adam: Something wrong with Brooke?? Wait a- where is Brooke?
Leo: She left
Adam: But I heard a girl scream!!
Leo: (raises his hand) That was me…
Adam: You are a girl??
Leo: NO!! I just scream like one!! That came out wrong!!!

Everyone except Leo laughs

Leo: Heyy!! Stop that!! Marcus and Brooke are twins!!
Adam: Yea, sure and you are my dog (laughs)
Chase: Adam! (angry) That wasn’t funny!!
Leo: Not at all!!
Bree: Maybe a little bit…
Leo: BREE!!!
Bree: I go to the mall!! At least there are normal people
Leo: Yea… A bionic teenager, at an ordinary people place…
Bree: Shut up, Leo!! (leaves)
Leo: You HAVE to believe me!!!!

Chase and Adam leave laughing.

Next Day
Mission Creek High School

Leo wait in front of the cafeteria. Marcus walks up to him

Leo: Don’t
Marcus: Oh shut up!!

Marcus pulls him to the side

Leo: Stop threaten me!!

Marcus looks mean at him

Marcus: What?!
Marcus: Good!! And… if you tell anyone about me and Brooke, it will be the last words you ever spoke! Are we clear

Leo nods

Donovan house | In front of it

Leo hides in the bushes. Marcus walks to the grill, opens it and types in a code. The secret lab opens and Marcus walks in. Leo follows him fast.

Marcus: (on the phone) Yes, everything under control- Yes Dad- Brooke?- Well she’s great, but…- she is still that nice girl- She could be our biggest wapon – Why?- Because the Davenport kids have a close relationship with her- Yes- One is her boyfriend, 2 have a crush on her and one is her best friend- Okay great- Yes DAD!!- See you

Marcus hangs up and turns around

Marcus: Do you really think, I didn’t noticed you sneek in?

Brooke hides

Leo: I thought…
Marcus: Say hello to my dad’s favorite toy

Marcus presses a button and a big roboter wakes up

Leo: I thought it’s broken…
Marcus: Which part of “my dad is an inventor” you didn’t get??
Leo: Oh…
Marcus: Attack!!

The roboter starts to walk in Leo’s direction. Leo screams like a girl. Brooke jumps in front of Leo.

Brooke: Marcus!! SHUT IT DOWN!!
Marcus: NEVER!!!! Muhahahahaaha

Brooke shoots a laser with her eyes at the roboter, which falls to the ground broken.

Marcus: Not agaain… Dad will be so mad!!!
Brooke: (to Leo) LEAVE!!
Leo: You don’t have to tell me that twice!! (leaves running)
Brooke: Don’t you sick of it to get beat up by your little sister??

Brooke throws Marcus through the room

Marcus: A little bit!! So stop!!
Brooke: If you leave my friends alone!!!
Marcus: NEVER!!!
Brooke: So my awnser is “NEVER” as well!!
Marcus: I HATE YOU!!!
Brooke: I HATE YOU MORE!!!!
Mr. Donovan: I promise, that I’ll fix that
Brooke & Marcus: Dad?

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