Mission Creek High School

  • Adam, Bree, Brooke, Chase, Debby, Leo and Spencer enter the school*

Spencer: *holding Brooke’s hand* First day at school as married couple
Brooke: *holding Spencer’s hand* And first day of the last year here
Spencer: It doesn’t feel, like it was a year since we first met
Brooke: Yea, it feels like yesterday
Debby: Yea yea, you’re fresh married and in love. WE GOT TI!! *walks off*
Bree: Yea.. She has a though time with Simpson
Brooke: That explains it
Chase: Who is the blonde over there?
Adam: Dude!! You have a daughter!!
Chase: I know!! She just looks lost. I go talk to her *walks off* Hey, you look lost
Nanny: ‘Cuz I am!!
Chase: Maybe I can help
Nanny: No, I will figure it out myself!!
Chase: Fine!! *goes back to the gang* I tried, but she won’t let me *walks off*

Bell rings

Bree: Let’s go Brooke
Brooke: Yea

Bree and Brooke walk off

Debby’s class

Debby: You’re new here, aren’t you?
Nanny: So obvious??
Debby: Yea, kinda
Nanny: Why?
Debby: You sat down next to me
Nanny: And that’s a problem??
Debby: No!! But no-one has ever sat down next to me or talk to me
Nanny: Why?
Debby: I’m a Davenport. My brothers and sisters are the bottom of the food chain
Nanny: Well, I’m a Holt and I don’t listen to gossip
Debby: That’s gre-
Aria: *enters* Sorry, that I-
Perry: (not carrying) Just sit down Grilds
Aria: Actually it’s Fields
Perry: Do I look, like I care
Aria: Not really
Perry: SIT DOWN!!
Aria: *sits down next to Debby* Hey Debs
Debby: Hey Ar
Aria: Who’s that?
Nanny: I’m Nanny and Deb’s, I thought no-one talks to you or sits down next to you
Debby: Aria is a part of the family.. kinda..
Nanny: Kinda?
Debby: She’s my brothers girlfriend
Aria: And her brother’s daughter’s mother
Nanny: You’re a mom at 17??
Aria: She’s 2
Nanny: Woo…
Debby: Yea and that’s a reason too.. That I’m a mom as well….
Nanny: Boy or girl?
Debby: Girl
Nanny: What’s their names??
Debby: Elena
Aria: My little girl’s name is Fariba
Nanny: Cool

Lunch Break

Adam, Lora, Bree, Jason, Brooke, Spencer, Chase, Leo and Lola sit at the table. Aria, Debby and Nanny walk over to the table.

Aria: Hey Sweety *kisses Chase’s cheek*
Chase: Hey, sit down
Aria: You *sits down* don’t have to tell me this twice
Debby: Guys, that’s Nanny. She’s new
Chase: Unfriendly girl
Nanny: Annoying boy
Debby: I told Nanny, she can sit with us
Brooke: Go ahead!!
Nanny: *sits down* Thanks
Debby: *sits down* That’s just Brooke, playing her role as mother and wife
Nanny: You have a kid too??
Brooke: Spence and I have twins
Nanny: No way!! That’s so adorable!!
Spencer: *smiles* Ariana and Brandon. They’re the oldest out of the group
Nanny: So.. Are there C and D too?
Adam & Lora: *smiling* Cody
Bree & Jason: *smiling* Danielle
Nanny: Wow… I wanna be a mom too!!
Bree: If I would be, I would wait a while. I know, what I’m talking about!!!
Adam: Where is Simpson??
Bree: *hits him in the side*
Adam: Bree that hurts!!!
Debby: It’s okay!! I have no idea, where he is
Leo: I know, where he is
Debby: That was clear
Leo: He moved
Debby: And why couldn’t he tell me that??
Leo: I met him, when I was getting late for school
Debby: Excuse me!! *gets up and rus off*
Brooke: I better go after her!! *gets up and leaves*

With Debby

Sits in the corner of the bleachers and cries. Brooke superspeeds to her and sits down next to her

Brooke: Watch out, you’re going to glitch
Debby: It doesn’t matter!!
Brooke: Why??

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