The Davenport lab

Brooke: (sits down/exhaust) Finally the twins are asleep…
Bree: So is Danielle
Adam: And Cody
Chase: And Fariba
Debby: And Elena

Brookes phone rings. A message from Spencer.

Dear Brooke,
I love you more than everyhing else in the world, but I just can’t handle being the father of the two most powerfullst creatures in the world. I’m just not ready for it now… But I will always love you and the twins!! But I need to leave, maybe forever. I might be bionic, but I just can’t do this right now… I’m so sorry!! Really!!
With all the love of the world

Brooke starts crying

Bree: Brooke? What’s wrong?
Brooke: Spencer is gone…
Bree: What do you mean with “gone”??
Debby: Gone forever?
Brooke: I don’t know…
Chase: Did he broke up with you?
Brooke: I don’t know….
Adam: Are you okay?
Brooke: Does I look like I am??
Adam: Not really
Brooke: You need to know something
Big D: What?
Brooke: Spencer is bionic. Ariana and Brandon are the most powerful creatures of the world…
Big D: WHAT?!
Brooke: I’m sorry for not telling earlier…
Big D: It’s okay! They will save the world when they are older
Brooke: Just like mommy and uncles and aunts
Debby: Everything’s going to be alright!!
Brooke: NO!!! HE LEFT ME ALONE!!! (leaves)
Adam: She’s going to be okay


Spencer is walking through the woods. Brooke arrives at the woods

Brooke: SPENCER!?

Spencer hides

Brooke: SPENCER!? ARE YOU HERE!? (starts crying) I NEED YOU!!

Spencer superspeeds away. Brooke falls to the ground crying
Debby and Chase arrive and run over to Brooke

Debby: BROOKE!! Are you okay?
Chase: How are you?
Debby: Brooke?
Brooke: I can’t believe he’s gone forever…
Debby: He comes back
Brooke: How’d you know? I already lost him once and I don’t wanna live through that again..
Chase: Everything’s going to be okay
Debby: Come on up (helps her up)
Brooke: I don’t want to…. I don’t wanna live without him
Debby: Do it for Ariana and Brandon!!
Chase: Yes!! Do it for the twins
Brooke: For the twins!!!

Back in the Davenport house

The bell rings. Brooke opens it

Brooke: Marcus?

Brooke walks out an closes the door

Brooke: What do you want here?
Marcus: I found out that I’m an uncle
Brooke: Hey and why are you here?
Marcus: I wanna see them
Brooke: No way!! Not after everything you’ve done!!
Marcus: And I’m sorry for that!! I did that to impress dad
Brooke: Why?
Marcus: My twinsister hates me and I don’t have friends…
Brooke: I don’t hate you! I’m mad at you!! Because of everything you have done!!
Marcus: And I’m sorry for everything!!
Brooke: I’m sorry, bu- I can’t believe you...!!! (enters the Davenport house)

Marcus leaves

Chase: Who was that?
Brooke: (falls on the couch) Marcus
Chase: What did he want?
Brooke: Get to know his niece and nephew
Chase: Ariana and Brandon?
Brooke: Yes
Chase: What is he up to?
Brooke: I don’t know and he claims that he changed
Chase: Do you believe that?
Brooke: I don’t know….

Tasha walks in

Tasha: Are you still sad about-
Chase: Don’t say that!!
Brooke: I love him so much, but now he’s gone forever…. (crys harder)

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