Mission Creek High School

Brooke, Spencer, Adam, Debby, Chase and Bree walk over to Leo, who is staring at Lola

Brooke: Ask her out
Leo: Oh my- I wasn’t staring at her!!!!
Bree: We didn’t say anything
Spencer: I was going to!!
Chase: Me too
Debby: Same here
Leo: I’m kinda scared…
Adam: Why? It’s not like she’s a monster! Or is she?
Spencer: Ask her out!! I started with staring at Brooke and I- uhh…
Brooke: WHAT!?
Spencer: I wasn’t!!!
Brooke: Sure! Sure you aren’t!!
Spencer: Ask her out, before Brooke does something mean to me!!
Leo: She can be mean!!
Bree: You didn’t met her in her bad time!!!
Brooke: Shut up Bree!! Go Leo!!! (pushes him)

Leo crashes into Lola

Leo: I’m sooo sorry…. Lola
Lola: It’s okay
Leo: Would you…. Would…..
Lola: Yes?
Leo: Would you…..
Brooke: Oh boy… Let’s help him (pulls Spencer with her)
Spencer: Oh no…
Brooke: Hey Leo, who is your friend?
Spencer: I tried to hold her back, sorry
Lola: I’m Lola
Brooke: Hey I’m Brooke
Spencer: Come on Brooke!! (trys to pull her away)
Brooke: No!!!
Spencer: Let’s go!!
Brooke: NO!!!
Spencer: COME ON NOW!!! (picks her up and carrys her away)
Brooke: (waves) See you later
Lola: Are you related to her?
Leo: Not by blood. She’s my kinda stepsister
Lola: Kinda?
Leo: She is my stepsiblings half sister. Not related to her. She’s just like this because I wanted to ask you on a date
Lola: I would love to go out with you
Leo: What?
Lola: You just said that you want to ask me out
Leo: Uuhhh
Lola: And I said yes
Leo: Great! Pick you up at 6. If I find someone to drive me
Lola: Except Brooke?
Leo: Except Brooke!!!
Lola: See you then (kisses his cheek and leaves)
Leo: Did she just- (faints)

The Davenport lab

Debby, Adam, Bree and Chase are sitting on the table and Leo and Brooke are standing and talking

Brooke: Annd?
Leo: What?
Brooke: How did it work out?
Leo: Why should I tell you?
Brooke: O Come on!!!
Leo: No!! I won’t!!

Spencer walks in

Brooke: Why won’t you tell me?
Leo: You would ruin everything!!
Brooke: I would’t!!!!
Spencer: You would!!
Brooke: (turns around) WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE!?
Spencer: I thought Davenport knows about me?
Brooke: Yes! But he don’t know, that you know about me!!
Spencer: What?!
Big D: (enters) So guys where is- WHAT THE- WHAT IS HE DOING HERE!?
Brooke: He knows about me!!
Big D: WHAT!?
Spencer: You know about me!!! So where is the problem?
Big D: (angry) BROOKE!!!
Leo: Spencer?
Spencer: Yes?
Leo: Could you drive me to pick up Lola?
Brooke: (mouth drops open) What about me?
Leo: She thinks, you’re weird
Brooke: But Spencer and I have plans for tonight!
Spencer: She’s right…
Leo: Fine!! She can come with us to pick up Lola and drive us to the date
Brooke: Thanks!!
Spencer: Let’s go!!

In front of Lola’s house

Leo knocks on her door. Lola opens

Lola: Hey
Leo: Heyy. A little change
Lola: What?
Leo: Brooke is in the car
Lola: Why?
Leo: Her boyfriend is the only one, that could drive me and they had plans… So they drop us off and do their plans
Lola: So? She’s only on the ride?
Leo: Yes
Lola: Okay… (closes the door)
Leo: Let’s go!!

Lola and Leo walk to the car and get in

Lola: Hi
Spencer: Hello, where I have to drive you?
Leo: The movies
Lola: We are going to see “Grown ups 2”
Spencer: That movie is awesome
Lola: You already saw it?
Spencer: Yes. With Brooke
Lola: What do you think about the movie Brooke?
Leo: Brooke?
Spencer: You can answer babe

Brooke texts Leo. Leos phone is ringing. Leo looks at it

I don’t talk, while Lola is here. She hates when I talk, so I won’t

Lola: I didn’t meant it that way

The movies

Spencer stops the car. Lola and Leo get out. Brooke gets out and superspeeds away

Spencer: BROOKE!!
Leo: (to Lola) I need to talk to Spencer for a sec

Leo walks to the car

Leo: What happened?
Spencer: I don’t know…
Leo: Could it be that she is not glitchfree?
Spencer: Do you think, she glitched?
Leo: Might be possible
Spencer: Go on your date!! I’ll find her!!

Leo walks toward Lola and they enter the movies. Spencer drives the car to the favorite spot of Brooke

Spencer: BROOKE?!?

The Davenport Lab

Spencer superspeeds inside

Spencer: BROOKE IS GONE!!!
Adam: What do you mean with “gone”???
Spencer: She was mad and superspeeds away
Chase: WHAT!?
Spencer: I don’t know where she is…
Adam: Maybe she’s at our favorite spot from a time ago
Spencer: Let’s go!!
Chase & Debby: I come too!!

The movies

Leo: I really like…. The movie
Lola: And I really like…. The movie
Leo: And… the movie
Lola: And… the movie
Leo & Lola: And you (They kiss)

Favorite spot of Adam & Brooke, where they were a couple

Adam: BROOKE!!!
Brooke: WHAT!?
Spencer: See you later
Debby: Bye (superspeeds away)
Bree: Hey, wait up!! (superspeeds away)
Chase: Great… and we need to walk
Spencer: Just use the car
Chase: And let Adam drive? No way!! (walks away)
Adam: I take the car (gets in and drives away)

Spencer walks over to Brooke and sits down next to her

Spencer: What happened?
Brooke: Please don’t tell anyone, but… I glitched…
Spencer: I thought you can’t glitch?
Brooke: That’s what I thought too, but I can…
Spencer: I won’t tell
Brooke: Good, because I don’t want them to know that I have a weakness too. I mean, another weakness
Spencer: What’s the first weakness?
Brooke: My family and you
Spencer: Awww

They kiss

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