Davenport lab

Brooke enters, while Adam, Bree, Chase, Leo and Big D are already waiting

Brooke: Hey, sorry I’m late
Bree: No prob. Debby is way later than you and she lives here
Debby: *superspeed enters* Sorry!!
Brooke: Wow… All of us together back in the lab..
Debby: The last time seems to be ages ago…
Big D: Where is Spencer?
Brooke: He doesn’t know, that you know, that he’s bionic
Big D: Why didn’t you tell him?
Brooke: I couldn’t
Chase: What happened to them mission?
Big D: Right! I need you to go to my Facility X
Bree: Why?
Big D: You need to repair it
Adam: Why us? Can’t you just hire a repairman?
Big D: As long as they can’t lift heavy, I don’t think so
Chase: Mr. Davenport, what happenes, if we don’t repair it?
Big D: The facility explodes and everyone in it, well you know
Adam: Know what?
Brooke: Everyone in it dies
Adam: Oh..
Debby: Let’s hurry!!

They take their bags and leave

Facility X

They enter

Dr. Evans: Welcome!! You must be the bionics I heard so much about and you must be the biogoical bionic daughter and- Who are you?
Brooke: Brooke Do- Holden. My “father” is Donalds brother
Dr. Evans: Good to know
Debby: I would say, get to work!!
Chase: Good!! Brooke and Adam, repair the roof. Debby, help Dr. Evans with the technology. Bree, we repair whatever needs to get repaired
All: Got it

Brooke walks in direction door and Adam in the opposite direction

Brooke: ADAM!! THIS WAY!!
Adam: *turns around* Oh… *follows Brooke*

Debby: What do you need me to do?
Dr. Evans: You need to reprogram the computers
Debby: I can try *starts to type*
Dr. Evans: Try doesn’t cut it!!!

On the roof

Brooke and Adam are climbing up the roof. Adam trips
Adam: Little- *starts falling down*
Brooke: Oh boy.. *jumps after him, catches him and flies him back on the roof*
Brooke: Watch out!!! I can’t always fly after you
Adam: But you are now
Brooke: I said, not always

With Bree and Chase

Bree: How are you?
Chase: How should I be?
Bree: After your break-up with Aria?
Chase: Great! And you? How are you?
Bree: How should I be?
Chase: After oyur break-up with Jason?
Bree: He cheated on me, so there is nothing more to talk about

The house rumbles

Brooke & Chase: AVALANCHE!!!

On the roof

Brooke: AVALANCHE!!! *pulls Adam down with her and superspeeds in the house*

With Debby and Dr. Evans

Bree: *runs over to them* What is happening??
Debby: The system is overloaded!!!
Bree: What??
Dr. Evans: We’re stuck in here and the facility is about to explode!!!
Brooke: No, we repaired it so far, that it can’t explode

The house rumbles again a little harder


Everybody ducks. Chase and Adam duck close to Bree, Brooke and Debby.

The rumble stops. Everybody gets up

Bree: What happened?
Chase: An avalanche locked us in!! But Brooke!! You’re the strongest here!! Try it!!
Brooke: Let’s go Adam, Debby!! *leaves with Adam and Debby*

They come back

Brooke: No chance…. We tries everything…
Chase: We failed… That can’t be happining… I’m suppost to be the smartest person on earth!
Dr. Evans: That you have to say that, makes it less true
Brooke: I haven’t told you, why it didn’t work!!
Chase: Why?

Brooke looks at him

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