Mission Creek High School

Bree: Have you talk to Spencer lately?
Brooke: NO!! And I won’t!!
Bree: Who is that with Marcus?
Debby: That’s Nina. She’s in my math, history, biology, english

Bree and Brooke each gives her a look

Debby: In all my classes!!
Brooke: Wanna talk to her?
Debby: Not real-

Brooke pulls Bree and Debby with her

Brooke: Hey Marcus
Debby: Hey Nina, was all her fault (points at Brooke)
Marcus: Meet my crazy twinsis Brooke,
Brooke: Thank you…
Marcus: my halfsis Bree
Bree: Hey
Marcus: And-
Nina: I know Debby!! Hey
Debby: Hey
Brooke: Bree, didn’t you want to talk to Marcus?
Bree: What… ehm… Yea, I need you to help me
Marcus: Now?
Bree: Let’s go!!

Bree pulls Marcus with her

Brooke: Debby?
Debby: Yes
Brooke: Bye (pushes her away)
Nina: Are you okay?
Brooke: Yes!! I would be careful with Marcus
Nina: Why?
Brooke: He is not the one, you think he is!!
Nina: What do you mean?
Brooke: He wanted to get rid of me and my friends
Nina: Sure… Just like you wanted to get rid of him
Brooke: What are you talking about?
Nina: You are just jealious of me, spending so much time with Marcus
Brooke: What!?
Nina: You miss your big brother, I get it
Brooke: No!! No!! NO!!! I hate him
Nina: Than stay out of his life!! (walks away)

Bree and Debby come back

Bree: How did it go?
Brooke: She doesn’t believe me…
Debby: That’s though
Brooke: AND… she thinks I miss my big bro… Which I’m not!!
Bree: Maybe you are just confused, because of the thing between you and Spencer
Brooke: I’m not confused because of him!!!
Debby & Bree: YOU ARE!!!
Brooke: Just leave me alone!! (walks away)
Debby: She totally is!!!

At home

Brooke sits on the couch holding a pillow. Adam walks by and sits down next to her.

Adam: How do you feel?
Brooke: How should I feel, you girlfriend kissed my boyfriend
Adam: Lora is NOT my girlfriend!!!
Brooke: You need to get over me!!! Ask Lora out!!
Adam: Why?
Brooke: To forget about me!!! You need to move on!! You can’t spend the rest of your life, loving your sister!!!
Adam: But I want to!!!
Brooke: FORGET IT!! STOP IT!!! ASK LORA OUT!!! And FYI I texted her and she’ll be here in 3.2.1

The bell rings

Brooke: From your phone (pushes Adam to the door)

Adam opens the door

Adam: Hey
Lora: Hey
Adam: Can we talk?
Lora: Sure
Adam: You know, that I’m still not over my ex girlfriend, but you can help me to forget her
Lora: How?
Adam: Go out with me
Lora: What?
Adam: Would you go out with me?
Lora: But your ex girlfriend? You still love her!!
Adam: But I’m not allowed to!!
Lora: Wait a sec….. Brooke!?
Adam: Yes….
Lora: Okay… I would love to go out with you!!
Adam: Great

Lora kisses Adam. Adam kisses her back.

Chase and Brooke are watching them

Brooke: I hope she helps him forget…
Chase: She will!! Just like Aria helped me
Brooke: You two are happy?
Chase: Yes. I really like her
Brooke: (sad) That’s great
Chase: (puts his arm around her) Everything is going to be right. I promise
Brooke: How’d you know?
Chase: I just do
Brooke: But…
Chase: But what?
Brooke: (lies her head on his shoulder) I only want Spencer
Chase: You just need to forgive him
Brooke: He broke my heart
Chase: And you still can’t forget about him
Brooke: Why must love be like this?
Chase: Like what?
Brooke: Complicated

Brooke sees Spencer in front of the window

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